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LPG on a carb fed V8?

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Be careful about any diffuser that fits between the carb and the air=cleaner - check that the added thickness of it doesn't raise the air cleaner sufficiently that it then puts a dent in your bonnet when you think "Job done" and close the hood.

I saw just this happen when someone replaced the original 'dustbin lid' air-cleaner on a Ford Essex-V6-powered kit-car with a nice and shiny new K&N - which was alas about an inch taller than the dustbin-lid.

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Very easy to do given its a Venturi LPG system I'd recommend using a closed loop lambda sensor control too

I used an omvl regulator r89 on mine (not sure if they are still avail). http://www.omvlgas.it/eng/prodotti.php

But really easy to do once you have the right Venturi plate and the rest of the bits

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