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255/85 on a D2

Exmoor Beast

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Does anyone on here run 255/85x16s on a Discovery2?

I'm looking for a short term replacement for my 110 whilst I rechassis it and my brothers TD5 Disco might be an option. I need decent tyres so the thought of swapping the 110s boots over occured to me to save a few quid. I know I'll need to lift it a bit but how much? It will need to run at full articulation...


Will :-)

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Best bet is to try it and see. There is always the option to trim rather than to lift. I ran 33.11.50's on a stock height D1 no probs doing this.

As for a lift. A 2" lift would probably be sufficient. But expect them to rub a little. If articulation is important, consider how you plan to lift it. As just longer springs will likely cause it to lift a wheel more easily.

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255/60/18 get pretty close to the bumper and arch bottoms I think you would want some decent lift and possibly flexi arches.

But I think it would look awsome. Do it!


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