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Diff oil state?

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Just changed the oil in the diffs on the 300tdi (EP90 Hypoid gear oil GL4). Drained the back diff and the oil looked as I expected it to, drained the front and it was BLACK!!! yet both changed at the same time previously, so why is the front BLACK? OK so they might have been 9 months over due for an oil change, any thoughts?

Cheers Mutley

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Swivel grease contamination?


Generally it happens becouse the swivels aren't vented, and so when they get hot hot it pushes the 'one shot' slop past the seals.

It isn't a biggy, just dip the swivels to make sure you have enough 'One Shot' still there.

No one ever noticed it much in the past as we all used gear oil in the swivels, it was just a little curious if you opened the fill plug first (and always do that, nothing worse than draining a compartment then finding you can't undo the fill plug ! ) and oil dribbled out.

"how did I overfill that ?"

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I had this recently, took out the filler plug to be greeted by a diff overfilled with black goo. Changing the halfshaft seals isn't too bad a job, I did mine by unbolting the swivel balls from the axle and taking the hub and swivels off in one. The whole thing is heavy though, I was doing it on my own and nearly soiled myself trying to line the halfshaft up with the diff when putting it back together.


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