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my almost perfect freelander


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well, since collecting my truck and driving it home i have done the following,
replaced all four road tyress (70+mph serious vibration) now sorted.
replaced clock light, (so annoying when not working)
replaced dash bulbs with led
replaced sidelight/side indicators/rear number plate/interior bulbs with led's

replaced glow plugs (well three, knackered one,(job to do))
replaced anti roll bar drop link o/s/f knocking gone
wood effect gear shift (tricky job with HDC) in way
replaced dash switch blank (original one has cb mike holder ( easily removed and replaced with spare))
fitted cb so its a 5 minute install/uninstall so not in way when not needed

washed it many times lol

painted alloy wheels nice and shiny and clean again
replaced n/s/r bumper lightsas slight damage on purchase
purchased and removed n/s/r door lock and window regulator from scrap vehicle
(mine only locks and window cable dead) ( will be changing over tomorrow) and yes i tested window in scrappy to make sure working, plus had to drop it to remove it lol

apart from sunroof lazy and not got the bottle to try opening all the way, would need a shove to help it, this truck is now tip top, almost. but not for long, its a rover, it'll give me little, or big jobs along the road of ownership lol

not got confidence to off road it yet, apart from track to my field and in my paddock lol,
but do love driving it. more like a luxurious car, higher driving position oddly or feels higher, as lower than my old truck, but just sooooo nice to drive. i'm buying fuel just to go and use it so i can drive my freelander lol

so have now changed door lock and window regulator and very happy with my little truck


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You grumpy sod! :SVA go away: Freebies are very capable.

Having owned a L series Freelander for over 10 years covering 200,000km both onroad and very much offroad I know exactly how capable these things are.

My Freelander recovering my RRS






As I indicated - they are not a Truck but an AWD car

This is a truck and a AWD one to boot


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