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Alternator rebuild question ?

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Hi Guys,

I have stripped down an alternator it's a Denso 104210 4241.
I thought the stator was made up of 3x loops of wire, I call them A,B &C which are all separate, on testing the stator I found the following....
Loop A has two tail ends. A1 & A2
Loop B has two tail ends… B1 & B2
Loop C has two tail ends… C1 & C2
I had expected to have continuity between (A1 & A2), (B1 & B2), (C1 & C2) only and no continuity between say A1 to B2...C1 to A1.. etc..
I have continuity between loop A1+ A2 and one leg of loop B1...... & continuity between Loop C1 + C2 and the other leg of loop B2… Loop B is open circuit….??
So Loop A is connected to Loop B & Loop C is connected to Loop B... A to C is open circuit...
The stator is completely disconnected from the rectifier.
So am I right in thinking the stator is at fault...??
Hope this makes sense,
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So it's one long length? Loop A1 - A2 then onto to loop B1 - B2 and then onto loop C1 - C2?

Not quite as there are 3x ends so can't be one continuous length, I think B has broken along it's length somewhere and one part has fused to the A loop and the other half has fussed to the B loop...??

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All six wires are separated.. ! So I guess it's delta wound and is good to go...?

You have all six wires separated? There are two wiring configurations used. Star and Delta. Star commons one end of all phases, giving 4 main wires and Delta joins one end to the end of the next, giving three wires.

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