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Modernising '85 rear wiring loom.

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I'm re-bulidng my old 110, got to the point of putting the rear loom in, the old is pretty shot from getting dragged out of the chassis plus has got a now surplus military section to it. So need to make a new one.

What I need some help with is connectors; I'm looking for a more mordern equivalent to the lucas connectors.

Found things like the super seal connectors but they're not much help if you want a 3 way connector (i.e 1 in 2 out)

What sort of thing is used in the back of the td5's?

Any help is greatly appreciated

Also looking for multi section connector blocks, i.e 1 main block that can take multiple inputs like switches etc


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have a look at these suppliers websites for connector blocks, plugs/sockets,


Vehicle Wiring Products


should be plenty of choices on them to get you started, the 300tdi on defender looms use econoseal connectors, all the above should be ableto supply those.

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Thanks Western, but I'll still a bit lost.

As far as I can see Econoseal are simple 1 in - 1 out style. Which leaves the question of connecting tow electrics and splitting the feed for tail lights etc between d/s and p/s.

I know the simple answer is to solder a wire on but I don't want the potential weak point / water ingress.

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It sounds as though you may looking for circuit headers, or splice connectors.

I have the 20-way splice connectors, used as circuit headers on Defenders from 300Tdi to date.

They are available in six different colours, each colour denotes a different configuration (and number) of commoned circuits.

Although the splice caps on these are sub-divided into sub-circuits, you can easily change this configuration by inserting a short link lead loop between sub-circuits. Land Rover do this on several headers, to increase the number of 'ways' available at a particular header.


Sub-divided into five circuits -



Sub-divided into four circuits -



Sub-divided into four circuits -



Sub-divided into three circuits -



Sub-divided into six circuits -



Sub-divided into five circuits -


Supplied (as pictured above) with a 20-Way Splice Connector, Splice Cap and 20 x Sumitomo 090 Terminals.

They are £8.95 each + Postage


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