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  1. Vapour/Possibility build

    Looks like someone bet me lol
  2. Discovery 2 chassis

    replacement chassis parts UK is the name, i can't see it in their photos on facebook but they have definitely put up more then that's in their gallery
  3. Mach 5 bolt sizes

    cool, thanks Mike
  4. Mach 5 bolt sizes

    Hi Guy's Sorry to sound like a broken record with these mach 5's beadlockers but does anyone know the size of bolts for the beadlock, I have misplaced the old ones Thanks amigos, Shane
  5. D2, wheel arch surround spruceup

    some people have used a heat gun to good results, mine are gone also but haven't tried it yet
  6. Discovery 2 chassis

    There is a crowd doing rear quarter disco 2 chassis replacement which I'm pretty sure includes the rear spring carriers, I'm following them on facebook will get you the name
  7. ifor williams with 76mm coupling eye

    nidge, ya never got back to me on the 3 wire TPS you have in stock, how much are they
  8. ifor williams with 76mm coupling eye

    that was also a consideration, blinging glav is going to stand out like a sore thump. I am building a shed that I can keep the trailer in plus other bits and pieces. Its' terrible that you can't buy something without having to consider some scumbag taking it on you.
  9. ifor williams with 76mm coupling eye

    chatting to one of the engineers in work and thinking of fitting a tilt switch to the control system. If exceeded it will kill power to remote and open return flow solenoid for ram.
  10. ifor williams with 76mm coupling eye

    was thinking that also, if they really want it theres not much i can do . Im.not sure how much extra the coupling eye would be. I see a bradley one is 400 pounds. If it is 400 extra ill just forget about it. Spend it on a good tracker as you say good to know about the banging coming from slider plate. if i was to do it i would.leave it in a fixed position (no slider) thanks for replies guys. off to look up that 3 way tipper
  11. hi folks, just looking for opinions. Hopefully getting my brand spanking new ifor tipper soon and of course my mind is going into overdrive to secure it from theft. One of the ideas i was thinking about, ifor offer a 76mm coupling eye for the Nato hitches. What do yous reckon. Would it be a good idea going for it or would it just be banging away while towing and drive me scathy. Suppose it would still slip over a 50mm towing ball hitch but would also a pity as i wouldnt be able to lend it out .
  12. Hi, from memory D2 are 4" inches wider and better turning circle, diffs are same as defender and steering im not sure about havent got that far in my build but reckon i will have to use disco box
  13. mach5 wheel mod

    sorry guys was away for a bit, hmm a lot to take in and consider. I agree its silly their is a differance between beadlock and split rim. To me they both seem the same. I might get a standard set of wheels and use them for the test.
  14. mach5 wheel mod

    feck it, think i'll just run them as you's say . i love them and dont want to sell them. thanks Guys
  15. mach5 wheel mod

    supposdly they have to have an E mark to be road legal. Pity i cant find an email for matt lee and get a definitive answer from him.