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  1. skauldy

    Wago connectors

    I love them. Have used them for all my electrical installs
  2. skauldy

    Newbie MS install

    Nearly gave all up of finding this cable, black with orange tracer, tried all the usual, AES, 12 volt plant. Finally found it in vehicle wiring products. Man alive they have some selection. It' for the inhibitor switch on the auto box.
  3. skauldy

    Newbie MS install

    Went a bit nuts with the Tyco labeller 🤣🤣
  4. skauldy

    Newbie MS install

    Thanks FF. This was the part I was looking forward to 😁 Hi Jono. I got the MS relay board and the crimp connector for the plug rather the the solder pins
  5. I'm in the same stage and as Mick said above I had to change to td5 parts for auto box to fit
  6. Really appreciate that. Thanks Steve. Googled the life out of them and always ended back at the waytek site 😣. Farnell do some cooper bussmann bit not that. I'm going with duetsch connectors also. Nice bit of kit
  7. Ahhh. I was going to ask would you mind putting me down for one of the bussmanns and then i seen the date you posted it. I have been looking at the m unit also. Great price compared to other pdu's
  8. skauldy

    Russian Microcat online off-line?

    I was the same the Russian website was working fine all last week and then I came into work the next day refreshed it and the pictures on the left were gone. Thought it was just me. Pity if it is gone. It was my reference book 😣
  9. skauldy

    Newbie MS install

    Thanks quagmire. Have some sexy duetsch plugs for other areas and amphenol mil connectors. Hopefully enthusiasm keeps up 😂😂. Just read today landyfest in Ireland has been cancelled literally 10mins down the road from me 😣😣
  10. skauldy

    Newbie MS install

    And when I get that feeling......, that, sexual feeling 🤣🤣
  11. skauldy

    Newbie MS install

    finally got out to the garage the last few nights after a long absence from the defender. house took over and as usual went over board. Finally finished and back to the defender. So, all cables pulled and in place, injector loom made and now onto the rest of the plugs
  12. skauldy

    Vapour/Possibility build

    Looks like someone bet me lol
  13. skauldy

    Discovery 2 chassis

    replacement chassis parts UK is the name, i can't see it in their photos on facebook but they have definitely put up more then that's in their gallery
  14. skauldy

    Mach 5 bolt sizes

    cool, thanks Mike

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