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  1. Thanks for all the replies guys. Apology’s I was lead to believe the early ones weren’t cross bolted and had the smaller journals allowing me to swap the internals over . i have a Gems 4.6 and have all the bits I need but it’s the crank sensor on the rear that’s throwing me off this is why I wanted the 4lt block. Back to the drawing board I may just go 4.6 but I’ve rebuilt the 4.2 and it’s fitting in the def Shane
  2. I want to transfer the internals of a 4.2 into a 4 and then run it as a Gems using tornados ecu
  3. Hi Bowie, im told the early 4’s were non crossbolted, I need the block to be Gems shane
  4. Hi folks, anyone have or know of a 4lt V8 non crossbolted block/engine for sale. Don’t mind what condition as I just want the block. Any help would be great, thanks Shane
  5. Hi folks, does anyone know the make and model of the three plugs for the Gems ecu, I think they are ampseal but not sure. Thanks Shane
  6. Hi folks, While not exactly LR related you would be helping out a LR brethren 😁. I'm looking to buy a bmw thats in Leeds. It's a damage repairable and I have contacted the seller for the accident damage photos. If I'm still happy to proceed would someone mind having a quick look at the panels shut lines for me, just to see if their is any huge gaps etc. I'll be coming over from Ireland and it will be straight to the ferry when I land so I don't want any big surprises. As always beer tokens can be the currency . Thanks, any help appreciated
  7. I love them. Have used them for all my electrical installs
  8. Nearly gave all up of finding this cable, black with orange tracer, tried all the usual, AES, 12 volt plant. Finally found it in vehicle wiring products. Man alive they have some selection. It' for the inhibitor switch on the auto box.
  9. Went a bit nuts with the Tyco labeller 🤣🤣
  10. Thanks FF. This was the part I was looking forward to 😁 Hi Jono. I got the MS relay board and the crimp connector for the plug rather the the solder pins
  11. I'm in the same stage and as Mick said above I had to change to td5 parts for auto box to fit
  12. Really appreciate that. Thanks Steve. Googled the life out of them and always ended back at the waytek site 😣. Farnell do some cooper bussmann bit not that. I'm going with duetsch connectors also. Nice bit of kit
  13. Ahhh. I was going to ask would you mind putting me down for one of the bussmanns and then i seen the date you posted it. I have been looking at the m unit also. Great price compared to other pdu's
  14. I was the same the Russian website was working fine all last week and then I came into work the next day refreshed it and the pictures on the left were gone. Thought it was just me. Pity if it is gone. It was my reference book 😣
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