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Reluctant 300tdi

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Hi, I have a 300tdi 90, and it has stood for a couple of weeks while I have been working on the brakes. So I thought tonight when I got it back on its wheels I had better start it to freshen the battery and move it slightly to release the wheel chocks - which I did. It started readily but idled very slowly so I gave it a bit of accelerator and not a lot happened for a few seconds, then it gradually picked up revs. Once it had got a bit of speed up it seemed fine, it would readily rev, and after idling it was much more responsive. It has just recently had a new turbo, piping, intercooler and new filters, and when changing the diesel filter I pumped it full by hand with the lift pump no problem. Presumably it has to be a fuel problem, maybe a blockage or faulty lift pump, but has anyone got any bright ideas as to where to look first?

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Perhaps the fuel had drained back a bit from standing. Started on what was left in the injector pump but then struggled to pull enough through for a few seconds. What do the return lines look like (the rubber pipes between the injectors)?

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