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Yet another pre-rebuild question

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OK I think I am finally pretty much there with everything needed. But I need one more thing and I have no idea what it is called or where to get one. This may only apply to 110 Utility Spec....I couldn't see one on a 110 CSW. Anyway its a U-Shaped bracket that sits between the underside of the rear tub/body and the chassis outrigger. My old one is rusted to hell. Ideally I would like a new ones already galvanised as everything else is ready to go but failing that just new ones.

Any ideas.....

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I have two brand new NRC5478 spare - I thought I'd lost mine (I hadn't) so bought two brand new ones but didn't need them in the end.

And you're in Cornwall as well? To be honest I want galvanised ones which YRM do......unless yours are galved and painted?

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