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Tyre quality.


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Hi guys. I'm after some unbiased, impartial advice please.

Need some tyres for my Freelander year 2000, 2.0 Diesel L series. I've taken the prop off, so it just runs in 2 wheel drive, after the diff went and VCU, so replacing the fronts.

I've priced up a couple of places, and for 195/70 15 there are a few different prices. To replace the Marshall Aventura I've got on, they want £80.00 each tyre. However, they said I'd be better off with the Bridgestones, which were £120.00 per tyre.

Original fitment was Pirelli Scorpions. I dread to think how much these would be each.

This may sound like a daft question, but is it worth paying the extra cash? Are some tyres better than others? Are tyres not all the same? Do you pay more for a big name, when you don't need to? The Marshalls I've got on have lasted 6 years, and 30k miles.

I'm on a bit of a budget, so the Marshall tyres are more attractive price wise. However, any recommendations are welcome.

Any advice greatly received. Thank you. :D


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Hi Matt,

Not going to comment on running it in 2 wheel drive, but re tyres.

Different tyres have been made to suit different uses/targets, to put it at a very basic level, an Economy tyre may have a hard comppund rubber which means that it may last longer, use less fuel but have less grip (primary use of a tyre is to provide grip). A more expensive tyre may or may not last longer it depends on its target use but they will have spent more money in research to try and provide more in all areas! All tyres now have the rating for each area for its performance so you can go online and compare tyres and brands to see what that tyre is offering for the money.

Generally you are going to be better off shopping around for the best price on a better tyre than just going for a cheap tyre! It can be supprising where this saving can be had, my local company can get better deals on different days so it is worth asking the question!

Kwickfit recently offered a TV deal of 25% off Pirelli but it turns out this was only discount on thier previous high price and still higher than my local independent shop!

Hope this helps a little, but is only a tiny snapshot!


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As Sid says, cheap tyres usually involve a trade-off. Frankly, even £120 over 6 years is not bad value. My General Grabber AT2's have done 57k now, the rears still have loads of tread and the fronts are only slightly down because the fronts (one particularly) tend to go soft very slowly, so has worn on the shoulders a bit.

I had a cheap set of tyres on the last FL and they were noticeably down on grip, especially in the wet and very especially running in 2WD.

Although it's hard to know what sort of value any given tyre is, you do seem to more or less get what you pay for - the name brands grip better & last longer.

If you're skint, why not try eBay or the local scrappy for a pair of part-worns, could nab yourself a couple of good quality tyres with decent life left for less than the price of one Marshal. I blew through quite a few used Avons to keep a matched set on the TD4 before I wore them all down enough to splash for four brand new AT2's.

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:DThanks a lot guys. That's a real big help, and put my mind at ease. It made interesting reading.

I never thought of "Black Circles". What a saving, I can get Good-Year, for less than the price of those Marshals.

Thanks lads ! :D

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