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  1. Questions about my P 38

    There was a mod [official LR] that had a second wire from alternator to the battery.
  2. Range rover classic brakes

    How about using engine braking downhill. Then use brakes only when really needed. I'm betting they are being used all of the the way downhill.
  3. Switch

    Used to turn off parking sensors when towing.
  4. First Car - First Land Rover

    Trouble free motoring and lr are two things that usually don't go together lol.
  5. Front diff getting hot

    I have a feeling that the previous owners ignored the signs of a damaged Uj and that's screwed it up. The uj's were totally destroyed when I got it. Probably heat from bearing melted the grease resulting in Uj blowing.
  6. Front diff getting hot

    Yes both props smooth and have new gkn uj's Got her booked in at a local place to change whole diff for good one now. That's on top of getting two bolts that hd bumper on out, they have both corroded and sheared off
  7. First Car - First Land Rover

    Doesnt look original to me. Certainly never seen factory lettering like that. Looks like aftermarket letters. I would check out the front end for accident damage and maybe spend £2 on a vehicle check.
  8. Front diff getting hot

    I've got a local lr bloke saying everything but that. I don't think I can rely on him tbh. I've described the symptoms and problems but says likely gearbox windup. That would not cause a untouchable pinion and flange due to heat. I get a vibration and humming with front shaft attached but none with it off. It seems to get hotter too with Prop attached. Extra pressure on the bearings? I still think it's probably the pinion bearing. Any thoughts?
  9. cooling system problem

    Sure you have got thermostat correct way round and bled system correctly? My bet is thermostat. I had same problem. Thermostat was facing wrong way. Is your thermostat the newer modified y shaped one?
  10. Petrol or diesel?
  11. Front diff getting hot

    OOps, forgot this site does not have signatures LOL 1996 P38A RR DSE Just seen sig setting
  12. Propshaft

    In the Land Rover sense its not a PTO (although it applies elsewhere). That was a seperate power take off for running machinery The IRD is the same on the petrol 1.8 and 2ltr diesel (1.467:1). The 2.5 v6 is slightly different ratio internally (1.359:1) This is from another LR site.
  13. Propshaft

    Ird is same regardless of model. Rear diff is where the ratio was changed. It's not a pto either If vcu is gone it won't turn easily on full lock. It will feel like brakes are on and will try to skip.
  14. Brake Issue With my P38

    It is, but here is cheaper by £13 Its made by wabco who make the original ones. http://www.island-4x4.co.uk/pump-accumulator-wabco-stc2784-p-1024.html
  15. Front diff getting hot

    Hi guys, Having replaced the UJ's twice on my front prop shaft and then refitted it, I noticed that the front pinion area is getting very hot. Almost too hot to touch. Is this normal? It drives fine and there are no noises or clunks. TIA tanis P.S. I have changed the diff oil too. No metallic particles i could see just a little dark in colour.