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  1. RRC rear prop shaft removal query..

    Surely A lift should make the prop shaft too short.

    Old I know, but no petrol and diesel have different part numbers Ftc122 for diesel FRC9542 for petrol
  3. Freelander 1 rear end noise

    Old topic now, but that sounds like vcu support bearing rubbers have delaminated. Look fine but are damaged. Earlier you said genuine parts but now you say good quality. None last like oe.
  4. P38 Air Suaspension

    Sorry to bring up an old post, but the easiest thing to do with the EAS timer relay is to replace it with a yellow one from the engine bay fuse box. To run diagnostics, just put the timer relay back in.
  5. Front diff getting hot

    ..and some info that might be of use to Diesel P38 Auto owners. Dont rely 100% on this info, but the D P38 Auto uses a different propshaft to all the other models in the P38 range. For the D Auto TVB000130 Dimensions:9cm x 9cm x 82cm FTC4140 for the rest Dimensions:10cm x 11cm x 79cm Seems the Auto is 3cm longer than the rest.
  6. Front diff getting hot

    Well the new diff is fitted. All those problems are now gone. Drives nice and smooth and no longer getting a hot diff.
  7. P38 radio/sat nav problem

  8. P38 radio/sat nav problem

    Probably the satnav unit in the side of the boot. Try unplugging it and see if radio works again. Satnav units eventually stop working.
  9. Questions about my P 38

    There was a mod [official LR] that had a second wire from alternator to the battery.
  10. Range rover classic brakes

    How about using engine braking downhill. Then use brakes only when really needed. I'm betting they are being used all of the the way downhill.
  11. Switch

    Used to turn off parking sensors when towing.
  12. First Car - First Land Rover

    Trouble free motoring and lr are two things that usually don't go together lol.
  13. Front diff getting hot

    I have a feeling that the previous owners ignored the signs of a damaged Uj and that's screwed it up. The uj's were totally destroyed when I got it. Probably heat from bearing melted the grease resulting in Uj blowing.
  14. Front diff getting hot

    Yes both props smooth and have new gkn uj's Got her booked in at a local place to change whole diff for good one now. That's on top of getting two bolts that hd bumper on out, they have both corroded and sheared off
  15. First Car - First Land Rover

    Doesnt look original to me. Certainly never seen factory lettering like that. Looks like aftermarket letters. I would check out the front end for accident damage and maybe spend £2 on a vehicle check.