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Discovery 2001 Td5 rear sunroof leak


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Hi All,

I realise this may have been covered sereral times already, but our leak come in via the rear electric switch that operates the sunroof and only now and then. I've poured water over it and no leak, but if parked slightly downhill, it leaks.

Would this point to the rubber seal, although it looks good, or the frame?

Just dont want to strip out more than I need to.

Thank You

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Frame seal is the one giving most issues.

Sunroof drains are only to take water away that runs into the tracks if you open the glass with water on it, that why the are at the front only.

And your right this subject has been covered, many times so just Google.

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I keep a large tube of aquarium silicon with a decent applicator gun for such things,

A thin bead under the edge of seals works wonders

On my td5 the stickytape type strips on the rubber seals that actually touch the sunroof glass were not very good, I removed the seal and cleaned it thoroughly then packed the track the rubber seal fits into with silicon before bedding the seal back in and shutting the sunroof on it to make it a tight fit.

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I have same problem where leak has rusted rear sunroof motor and I have just replaced motor

just removed my headlining complete to have a closer look. A lot of work but I am fed up of the headlining always soaked with drips in the cabin.

Basic design fault causes this problem where the rear drain hoses run uphill along the cill of the high level rear windows towards the rear corner pillars where it discharges within the body at the rear corner 

if vehicle is parked on a slope where rear of vehicle is higher than front then water will not discharge out of the rear hoses and spills over through the roof tray and rear sunroof motor. With headlining in place the water drips from the  motor onto the headlining and runs towards the front of the vehicle giving the impression that you have both rear and front leaks.

i have now removed the rear hoses and re-routed them down the pillar immediately behind the rear doors and then behind the rear side panels of the luggage compartment eventually discharging in the same spot as original. ( passed hose through same hole as wiring looms to rear pillar) so as to exit in rear lower pillars as before.

rear hoses do not now run uphill and hopefully water will discharge easily even if vehicle is on a slope. Fingers crossed



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