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Diff Dilemma

Cornish Rattler

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Hi guys

As you probably no I am rebuilding the axles on a 1971 S11a rebuild and the engine is being swapped for a Def 200tdi engine using Def / Disco diffs and atm I have started with the rear axle and using my old ( good ) diff from my 1988 90, the problem I have is and I have just noticed this is the rear 2a axle doesn't have a filler / level plug on the pan only a drain plug underneath and the 90's diff doesn't have a filler / level plug either, if I had started with the front axle I wouldn't have a problem as the front axle has a filled / level plug in the pan so checking and topping up the axle wouldn't be a problem.

So what I want to know is are there any early 3.54-1 diffs with a side filler / level plug out there if so I will use this diff for the front instead.

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