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Fuel tank theory???

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OK so the new fuel tank (ESR2242) has arrived, gave it a rub down and a good coat of Bonda Primer, a coat or 2 of Hammerite to follow......

The only thing that is bugging me is the gap between the tank and the stone guard!.... There is no way to get a coat of paint in there and this area is going to be the main cause of RUST due to being untreated!

So what if I fill the gap with expanding foam like builders use, then trim any excess and paint?... Would this idea work or have I missed a major flaw in my theory???

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Got a couple of 3m schutz that I intend to use which should give it half a chance? the only down side to waxoyl I fear, is it will wash out after time? the 3m schuts should stick and stay!

But was wandering about filling the gap with some thing? not keen on sealing the edges as that still leaves a void if water ever did find a way in and chances are it will at some stage.

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