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Warning lights


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Hi, just drove home in my disco and the ABS, Hill descent ant Traction control warning lights remained on.

whats the most common reason for this and what should I check before I have to take it to a garage and remortgage the house?

you advice would be much appreciated.


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Hi Razar, If you put your location in your profile there may be someone near you who could read them. The 3 Amigos are usually a sign that a wheel hub is on its way out. The movement in the worn bearing causes problems with the ABS reading. There are other things that can cause it as I'm sure you've come across in your searches.


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With the engine switched off, pump the pedal about 20 times to use up the accumulator pressure.  Then switch the engine on and time how long the (buzzing) brake pump runs.  DO this a few times to get an average, but make sure the accumulator is discharged first to avoid false readings.  It may vary on different models, but on the late RRC with ABS and rear ETC, it should take under 40 seconds, and if it takes longer, the ABS and ETC warning lights activate (not HDC equipped) to indicate that the pump is worn out.  That is a frequent cause.  Another prime candidate is a wheel sensor issue, either gap setting, wheel bearing play or a bad electrical connection to the loom, all apparent if you check the sensors, their wires and plugs carefully.   There is another common cause on your vehicle of a shuttle valve or its switch, and there are several videos on how to fix this if you google "three amigos".

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The three amigo's indicate this is a Discovery 2.They do not run an electric pump like ABS/TC equipped RRC's or P38's.

There are several reasons why the three lamps can come on,in the first instance with no diagnostic kit I'd jack up each wheel and check for wheel bearing play. If there is none the absolute next move is to get the codes read.If you don't have trust in anyone to do more than this report back here with all the codes for further help.

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