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fitting autobox


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Ok, so just preparing to do the conversion from LT77 to ZF4

There's are couple of things that aren't obvious to me (even after trawling the EPC, rave etc)

So the auto flywheel bits (flexplate, start ring etc) bolt onto the crankshaft.

I know about checking the correct height of converter in bellhousing.,

but, when fitting is the TC put into the bellhousing & bolted to the flexplate after through the little access panel, or is it supposed to be bolted on before the box is offered up?

any tips on the whole fitting process would be welcome.

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hey hoss,

fit the TC to the autobox and the bolt the TC to the flexplate once the autobox is bolted to the engine. you "can" do it the other way round, the problem is that if the TC isn't attached to the box properly then you don't get any oill pressure in the box which means you don't move anywhere- if you get it really wrong you can destroy the auto i beleive! at the least you end up taking the box out again- which is more than slilghtly annoying it must be said. After one experience like this i try to never seperate the TC from the box at any time!

make sure you fit a new filter at the same time along with new oil then at least the box has a fighting chance of surviving!

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Got to agree with with Pugwash on this one.

Its a bit of a pain fitting the TC / flex plate bolts back in when all in situ, but once youve got one caught, the rest should be ok.

Take off the little inspection plate at the bottom of the bell housing, use a screwdriver to work the TC around, a wobbly socket helps no end also, dont forget the thread locking compound either.

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A quick tip. It is a good idea to drill 2 small holes in the bellhousing and put a length of wire through (going over the engine side of the TC). this then ensure that the TC stays fully home whilst the gearbox is positioned. Once the box is bolted up you can cut the wire and pull it out, then a blob of silicone seals it all up again. you can then bolt the TC up.

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