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  1. Petrol V8 Range Rover? Think you'd struggle for an L322 at that price but appear to be plenty of 4L and 4.6s on Autotrader from a cursory glance. L322 is a superb tow vehicle based off my 3.6TDV8.
  2. Do they have different nose weights? I was towing my 110 down to Wales with the 3.6 L322 and found that started having anaconda snakes above about 50 despite me strapping down the body work which I hadn't done last time. After a couple of brown pants moments I pulled over in a services and shifted the 110 forward <1" and it made the world of difference. Just a bit too light rear meaning the back wheels weren't getting perhaps as much traction as they wanted. Maybe if the 2.5 is a lighter engine then wants less weight on the rear than the 3.0 so that the front isn't lifted up quite as much? Just a thought anyway because I was astonished how much <1" made to the stability of the 322. When I towed Dad's new toy (a 2 tonne horizontal and vertical mill) on a triple axle trailer behind the L322 the only reason I knew there was something behind me was because it wasn't quite as quick accelerating as it normally is. Accidentally went significantly above the 60mph limit when merging onto the M5 but it didn't really notice.
  3. Wow those are expensive - don't know about that particular size but over hear I'd expect them to be around the £140-150 mark! I completely understand where you're coming from though. Unfortunately the L322s haven't quite propagated out to the tinkerers like us yet. I'd love to do more with mine but work, size of house and spare time (see work) gets in the way depressingly. Interestingly (this is getting into dangerous territory for me now) but the 322 has a maximum payload of 515kg apparently so within your 450kg . Incidentally I do remember coming across some post a while ago that detailed the rating on the tailgate as being just shy of a tonne when the vehicle is capable of 515kg. Some person shifting a metalworking machine and wanted to make sure the tailgate would survive it being balanced until it was shoved in.
  4. Well if we're talking new then who in their right mind would but a new Range Rover! Particularly on this forum Secondhand they're a damn sight cheaper and I've yet to offer anyone a lift who hasn't said the 322 is comfier than their cars. Although maybe that says more about the people I give lifts to...
  5. Just got a quote for the 110 and their unlimited cover was £268. Catch is that a single trip is no more than 90 days but you can have unlimited trips per year. Each breakdown covers up to £1000 labour and £3000 towards continuing your journey. Their other levels came in at £187 and £215.
  6. Perhaps a bit late now but when we've done short trips to the continent the RAC have been very good. Over if the guys had been an AA Gold Member for 30+ years and they were next to useless. The RAC offer a setup where they will recover your vehicle to the UK irrespective of market value (their cheaper packages would only cover costs to the market value) for not a huge amount. We were looking for a single trip but I seem to remember that for a year the price was comparable to what you've been offered. Although it may have had a limit on the number of trips and/or duration.
  7. I'm not trying to pick holes / fights here just trying to clarify things in case they're construed in the wrong way and also it's an interesting discussion. I'm also using the L322 as a basis rather than Disco because I know it better. You mention 9" of clearance that you need. If I remember correctly the 07MY has around that as standard. You gain another 2" in off road height and another bit, I forget if it's 1 or 2", in super extended mode if it detects getting stuck. A lot of people forget that there's very little to get hung up on on the more modern Land Rovers because of their independent suspension setup. With regards to problematic air suspension the only issue I have had in 4 years of ownership and off-roading it was the front air bags developing a leak but they did have 132000 miles on them. A lot of the issues such as stuck transfer boxes and air suspension issues are because people simply don't use them. I use them probably at least once a week so they get cycled if nothing else. I've off-roaded the 322 alongside a lot of different marques now from Defenders, Discos both old and new, Ford Rangers, Isuzus and once an Amorak. Without a question of a doubt I feel it is by a substantial margin the most capable of them in terms of off road ability. Once you realise to turn off the DSC when off road so you don't restrict engine power and let the electrikery do its thing that is... With thorough servicing and a decent diagnostics tool I don't think its anymore unreliable than competitors. In fact as Mr. Rafferty pointed out on a laning trip they do (perhaps not all) have torque sensing diffs and should not let you break half shafts etc as they'll kill power before that happens. However there are two huge downsides for you. One it's not a pickup and secondly there's naff all in the way of decent tyres for it. It's for that reason that I now use the 110 as my play toy instead of the 322. Three years and pretty much £3k in tyres because the sidewalls are made of cigarette paper. Pete Haylands over on fullfatrr.com has done some serious playing around in his (also trying to sell it currently) and there are more people exploring them as off road / expedition vehicles. If I had more spare time / cash / space to work then I'd like to do more with mine, the first being eliminating the EGRs. As a diesel expedition vehicle the 3.6 sorted most of the issues with unreliable diffs and gearboxes the td6 had. The only issues that seem to recur are due to lack of maintenance and not giving it the beans. The alternator is in a stupid position though! Maybe something to try out when you need even more comfort
  8. That's an interesting view because my 3.6TDV8 with ZF6HP box has 640Nm available and it does have a low range. It pretty much always pulls away in 3rd on the flat or perhaps 2nd if its uphill. I don't think I've ever had it pull away in first in D even with 3.5 tonnes of milling machine and trailer behind it. The 4.4TDV8 (with ZF8HP) which also has a low range has a slightly ridiculous 700Nm available. They are possibly geared higher but given the road manners and gear selection can't be that far off. It does give you far more control off road though with low range available. With regards to comfort have you considered changing the seats in the Disco? I recently changed the ones in my 300Tdi 110 to a set from a BMW era L322 and the transformation in comfort is astonishing. Despite being on HD springs all around it feels as if its not anymore, I'm now mostly running it empty so its been quite bouncy. There is a thread in the Tools & Fabrication section on it which I must update with newer pictures. The full set of seats only cost me £140. Won't help with the engine though! If I remember correctly the seat setup in the Disco would make the swap even easier than what I had to go through because you have a flat floor and more height so wouldn't need to do the dismantling I had to do. Food for thought anyway.
  9. Ed

    Quick update I managed to repair my vinyl seat covers on passenger seat, pleased with the result too (not enough to want to keep the seats though). I also needed some welding to repair sub frame too, (which my local garage did for free, nice guy). It was an unexpected additional problem, but sorted now. .

    I sent a message to guy who I contacted before Christmas regards buying my seats, asking if he's still interested in buying them but he has not replied.

    Not too worried I am still up for buying the seats from yourself anyway, I can always sell mine at a later date. 

    If you are no longer planning to traveling up North in the near future let me know.  I will arrange a payment through PayPal around 15th January, in the mean time if you can get some idea how much extra it will cost for a courier I can add that to the price and send the payment with my details.


    Ian T

  10. Get the 110 through its MoT Sell 7 puppies (wait... It is LR related - does anyone want one ;-) ) Get Nige to fit me some locking diffs (with puppy money) Maybe sort out dent in the boot lid of the 322.
  11. Not really simply, if you see my last photo the loom comes around to the connector on the outside. It's all been cut to precise lengths to stop the wires snagging so swapping them over is the same amount of work because of having to adjust all the cables. Or extend the looms.
  12. A small update (no piccies I'm afraid) as I'm just sitting down listening to 12h old puppies squeaking away. I ended up drilling out the pop rivets that held in the captive nuts in the old locations and drilled new ones. I also wired in the motors via a new fuse box in the battery compartment so now you can adjust them even if you need the doors open to do so. Now I've done some offroading in them and longer journeys they're a damn sight more comfortable despite being taller. Even to the point that I find the driving position more comfortable than my other car, a 2007 L322! One bonus was the wires can use some of the old holes to route the cable through to the battery box. When I get some time I'll probably design a new switchboard to relocate the seat controls to the centre. But with 9 puppies that might be a bit in the future.
  13. Ed

    Just a quick point you don't happen to have a PayPal account do you ? If so I may be able to sort the payment out earlier.

    I have a separate PayPal credit account this allows me 0 % interest over 4 months as long as the purchase is over £150, that would allow me to pay you the day you deliver the seats or before you post them ?

    Regards Ian


  14. Thanks for all the suggestions - I'll start chasing them up when I get a moment which will probably be the weekend... Might be a bit tricky getting the ovens / heating elements required up to Thruxton - or maybe they can just fly the helicopter into the workshop, it's pretty impressive where these guys can land it.
  15. Why bother - one per wheel.