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  1. I'm still looking for a set asap. I am happy with Land Rover or Volvo stud pattern, not jap though. I have spare volvo wheel centres, a few sets of custom Volvo rims and a few sets of beadlocked LR rims, varying sizes... I am happy to stump up some cash John. But going to drop ross a quick PM first.
  2. Any updates on this, MOT time is coming up again and I really need to improve over these drums.
  3. I have just been messing around with a set of Volvo (c303) rims. I was needing beadlocks as have been knocking tyres off every time I'm out. So for now I have went for some external beadlocks, weld on type. 1st issue being there was no way they'd fit. I am running 37x13.5R16 mudzillas. What I have done is get some 40x6 flat bar rolled to the circumference of my rims welded that on then welded the beadlocks on. This takes the 7" rim up to 9.5" and gives me some offset. I had no issues before with the mudzillas on standard rims but now with the beadlockers. I can't keep my truck in a straight line after I hit 40mph. I used to be able to cruise at 70mph with no issues. I am aware that beadlocks are not road legal however I do need to be able to pull up to road speeds and keep control of the truck. The severe shudder/ wobble I am now getting is going to cause major wear to track rod ends, swivel pins etc etc. How can I get these to run in a smooth fashion again with my lockers fitted.....??? Thanks in advance...
  4. Exhaust now comes through bodywork...
  5. series wheels will fit or defender wheels or 8 spoke steels or modulars.
  6. No major works on the Disco 220K The V8 has had an oil change every 3k since new, oil comes out same colour it goes in LPG'd in 2000 diffs gearbox transfer box all origional clutch changed 5k ago 3 CV's been done. Stainless pistons fitted when new vented discs... replaced 1 fuel line.. and springs when they were tired about 15k ago
  7. That would be fantastic, Cheers.
  8. That would be fantastic, Cheers.
  9. Cheers PM sent... It is something kinda specialist I guess though... 20"x20" with custom centres and at least 14" offset/back spacing
  10. Looking to have some steel wheels built. Who and where in the UK can will be able to do this....?
  11. Got beacons fitted to two Land rovers... Both used for working on roadside removing dangerous trees, often recovery and moving abnormal loads... (i) a road clearance vehicle; (iii) a breakdown vehicle; (iv) a vehicle having a maximum speed not exceeding 25 mph or any trailer drawn by such a vehicle; (v) a vehicle having an overall width (including any load) exceeding 2.9 m; (vi) a vehicle used for the purposes of testing, maintaining, improving, cleansing or watering roads or for any purpose incidental to any such use; (vii) a vehicle used for the purpose of inspecting, cleansing, maintaining, adjusting, renewing or installing any apparatus which is in, on, under or over a road, or for any purpose incidental to any such use; (viii) a vehicle used for or in connection with any purpose for which it is authorised to be used on roads by an order under section 44 of the Act; (ix) a vehicle used for escort purposes when travelling at a speed not exceeding 25 mph; (xi) a vehicle used for the purpose of surveying; Would all apply to our Land rovers and we are fully insured....
  12. Anyone care to guestimate a price on this... Might just bother to whack in a winning bid....? As long as welding's just welding and I can whack a 3.3 6cyl in her.... What would be too much to pay...?
  13. 1997 3.9 manual here 205 k on clock gets 20-21 on petrol and 17-18 on LPG and towing whilst giving it stick down to about 10.
  14. Was speaking to a work mate about this today who said if I cut the roof off to the bottom of the pillars he'd sit next to me whilst in his kayak. Defiantly going to have to make time on a Sunday afternoon for this... Depends on what truck your using 1000hp buggy & cut tractor tyres & it doesnt need to be frozen Or how big your balls are or stupid I am
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