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  1. Frank pickles all the mods second car 5though a year, 47 inner city Birmingham £135.00, result.
  2. You haven't used any VW bits have you ?
  3. Definateley Frank Pickles, just done my 96 Disco, lots of mods 5000 miles a year £135 fully comp with Green lane and off road cover as a 2nd vehcle, very happy
  4. I made a mount that attaches to the spare wheel mount, bit hard to describe but it goes up behind the wheel, that and a quick releas adapter. I'll try and get a pic over the weekend ?
  5. I'm going, along with some other freinds, non forum members, look out for a bald fat bloke looking misty eyed lol
  6. There is a firm called Tagplates that make them, not sure if they deal with the public or not may be worth a call ?
  7. The running cold on LPG could be due to icing on the condenser thingy that is supposed to heat the gaz on the way in ? As to the fuel pump thing sounds like a relay to me ?
  8. Very interested do you do paypal ?

  9. It gives you a warm glow to know people are still willing to help. Can I get hug now
  10. Are we talking semi-standard road cars or a little more trick than that
  11. Get one with gas, you get the best of both worlds, power, comfort and not bad economy. And if you need one i know a man who might...........
  12. If you log onto the Wetroads forum and speak to Boddle he has all the fords marked on a MM overlay, also he has one for Tom Toms I think http://wetroads.s2.boardster.net/ is the adress. Sorry if this seems like a plug but I've been using the site for years
  13. For some reason, I feel strangeley drawn to it.......... I'll get me coat
  14. Me brother had a smiliar prob on a 94, his solution was to go round and squeeze all the calipers back, in effect back bleeding the system, leave all the nipples closed and try it should get a few bubbles up through the master cylinder. It woeked for him.
  15. Thank you very much, that's a great help, thank you
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