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  1. finnarne

    Disco 200tdi air vent

    No, not the centre vent. But you can modify to get warm air out of the vent on right hand and left hand side, to get som defroster like function on the side windows.
  2. finnarne

    Discovery Interior light

    Check the connector down in the footwell. Not sure if it's located in driver or passenger side, offside or nearside, but in my LHD, its down in the left footwell, which mean driver side to me. Mine has a lot of corrotion, and are due to a complete rebuild of some sort. replacing the contacts, or just solder every connector instead, I'm not sure. It our only driver at the moment, so I'm not going to touch it.
  3. finnarne

    The Norwegian Bee

    I was way overdue with MOT this year, should have been in in May, but I choose ignore the date, and do some driving during the summer. We automaticly get a 2 months extension on the MO, so everything was fine when I got back from The Danish LRC gathering by the end of July. Everything except my chassis, and some inner wings.. The chassis was fixed before MOT, but I left the innerwings stuff for later. The guys at the workshop was not pleased with my inner wings, but failed the MOT because of some other issues. Rusty body mount in the left side front, and they "claimed" that the brake pipes was not properly fixed on the right hand innerwing. So back again, I started to strip the front wings, and was planing on doing a lot of welding on the old inner wings. After some more use of wire brush, and thinking , I decided to order som new panels from http://froggatts.co.uk Today 25 Kg of steel arrived at my office. Good delivery from Froggatts and TNT. I think I'll take a few days of now.
  4. That seemed to do the trick. Shorting out those 2 pairs of pins on the 16 pin connector to the instrument panel worked (I was told).
  5. My co-driver has just rebuilt his 6x6, and replaced the old V8 with a TD5. (yes it' sbeen argued that he should have kept the V8, but he wanted a TD5...) The engine, wireloom and the ECU comes of a MY2003 Defender, which also had ABS/TC. As said, this was a MY86 V8, with drum break in the rear, and a reinforced front axle. And there would have been som complications replacing the second axle with a newer one. And there would of course have been some issues getting ABS working on 3 axles. The engine swap has gone well, it drives and brakes nicely. But there is an issue with the ABS warning light in the dash. We've tried to disconnect the WABCO-unit, which I believe is the ABS control unit, and that did not work. Also the brake warning light is on all the time, although there should not be any issue with the braking (except the missing ABS sensors, and input to the WABCO-unit). Does anyone have a suggestion ?
  6. finnarne

    ibex 300 build

    What steering wheel is that. Looks nice.
  7. finnarne

    Russian Microcat online off-line?

    If you google allbrit and Discovery 1(or 2) or defender, you get the old links. Tried now with Google allbrit Land Rover and the links that starts with "allbrit.de/NAV.cfm.." is with part numbers But you wont get newer than td5 Defender/Disco and P38 and no Series either
  8. finnarne

    Show me your Camping setups

    This was our camping setup when we visited @tuko in september on his Småland Traxx. Me an my wife in the roof toop tent (on the trailer) and my friends in the other tent. A quickup tent for the dinning area. Nice Trip, cant say the same about the weather.
  9. finnarne

    Disco 2 V8i PICKUP

    I was looking at Bolt-on-bits grille myself, since the grille on our D2 is kind of broken at some places, but yes, the price is silly. 9399£ ? Was that the actual price, or is there something wrong with the price on ebay ? I bought headlamps and trim surrounds for my 200tdiD1, and was not impressed with the fit. I've later bought a pair of jeep headlight mountings like these . Much better fitment.
  10. finnarne

    Show me your Camping setups

    I think that trip is kind of a one time offer. This summer, or never ...
  11. finnarne

    Show me your Camping setups

    Norsk Land Rover Klubb national rally 2018 is in Laerdal, not that far from Geiranger. Picture from testing one of the greenlanes.
  12. finnarne

    Show me your Camping setups

    The whole family on our way back from a scout camp in 2012. Me and my wife in the roof tent, Oldest son in the hammock outside, and the 2 youngest kids inside the car The closest "neighbor" had a RV-home with boggie, and a tv the size of my windscreen.
  13. finnarne

    Discovery 300tdi alternator upgrades

    I have this on my Bobtail pickup https://www.ebay.com/itm/232274041468
  14. finnarne

    Gear selecton TD5

    Yes, number 13. When I changed the gearbox in my D2 (auto -> R380), I had an annoying sound that went away when I had a hand on the gearstick. It also helped to tightened that bolt.
  15. finnarne

    Gear selecton TD5

    Check that the bolt locking the upper part of the gear stick is tightened.

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