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  1. Can one even buy snow chains big enough for a defender? I'm running 285/75R16 and I had thought it wouldn't be possible? I'm keen too if it's possible- M+S rating seems to mean very little in the real world..
  2. Hmm carp it could well be. The steering box is leaking quite alot at the moment... I'll have a look at the UJ too. Am I right in thinking there's just one UJ?
  3. Nobody? Seems to be getting worse, now with screeching noises as I steer anti-clockwise
  4. I went for the paddocks ones (non-galv) and they are fine (I generally avoid paddocks otherwise). If you intend to get them bashed up then I'd just go for the cheapest option!
  5. I ran mine with no fan all summer. It hasn't gone bang yet, and since winter is fast approaching I doubt I'll be putting it back on any time soon.
  6. Apologies for reviving this thread. I recently removed the damaged ignition from the steering barrel. I drove the vehicle last night with no ignition, and the steering has become VERY heavy. I know that my steering box leaks, but this has only happened since the ignition incident. Are there any bearings/joints that could have been damaged when I drove the vehicle home with the broken ignition barrel?
  7. Are you sure you're locking them up against each other tight enough? Do you also have the tab washer bent over the nuts?
  8. I did this on the back due to almost exactly the same issue, snapped captive bolt. I found that NO oil came out, although others said it would. The seal stayed in place for me so I didn't replace it with the new kit. I managed to get the kit for £24.00 from RST on eBay which I thought very reasonable. Probably britpart though! You may neeed an extension bar to get the big central nut off!
  9. I can't tell any difference between front and back, mostly becuase I can't get the brakes to lock up at all when moving. I have to push VERY hard to make it stop in a tight spot, which makes me very nervous- hence wanting to fix it! It just feels like there is no assistance at all, so I suspect the servo/pump primarily, but got a master cylinder for cheap so thought I should renew the whole system. Might leave the brake bias valve then by the sounds of it!
  10. Maybe true with a stock vehicle, but even then I find it hard to believe. They seem to have forgotten that with a few modifications, their older vehicles soon surpass what the new ones can do! Not enjoying the new look!
  11. Hmm so it was always there.. Could this be the culprit in performance?
  12. Discs all round- the smaller ones on the back, bigger ones on the front. By the way vehicle is late 1995.
  13. My defender 300tdi, 90, has terrible braking. I'm in the midst of renewing the whole system. Before I owned it the previous owner replaced the brake calipers. I have since re-bled the system and completely renewed the brake pipes etc. I am now replacing master cyclinder and servo, and then finally the pump. The system has a brake bias valve which I had left in when renewing the system, but am wondering if this is necessary? Was this added or is it part of the original system?
  14. I doubt camskill will have these. I think the idea has been put to bed by a) the price (>£300 per corner) and b) the speed limitation! I still like the alloys though. I might try and get some. I think if I can find some decent 18" off road tyres to fit they should look good.
  15. Steve, thanks. It looks like they are rated to 56mph- so driveable around town, just not motorways. What do you mean by "compliant sidewalls"? I guess they will last forever though? Might keep them as runabout tyres/show-off tyres. My current shoes are cooper STT- I find they wear very quickly.
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