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  1. MattMatt

    D2 Body Lift Guide (How 2)

    Like it - good guide.
  2. MattMatt

    Disco 2 V8i PICKUP

    Really easy actually - standard Schutz gun hooked up to a little compressor. The containers they supply thread straight on but if you want the grey you have to buy the tintable version and add some base colour. Once you've roughened up the body and masked off follow the mixing instructions and just spray it on. I did two coats but on reflection I should have done another. You live and learn
  3. MattMatt

    Disco 2 V8i PICKUP

    I did look at some strengthening for the rear of the cab but came to the same conclusion as dav88sw. I also new I would have some kind of bar behind the cab to protect it a little - although this isn't finished. Clinton's stuff isn't cheap thing GRP - there is some good thickness to it unlike some of the kit cars I've built over the years. My LPG tank is in a box behind the cab which left me with a good usable space behind the seat to dump stuff etc. In future I would bring that box forward to give more pickup space. My wheel boxes are too long as well which also reduces some space. I do like the cab only version especially with the alternative lower roof option. On mine I took some time to line the inner cab with marine ply backed with foam to insulate and cut down some noise. Allowed me to hide the wiring loom and put some decent speakers in
  4. MattMatt

    Disco 2 V8i PICKUP

    Off and on about 6 mths but in hours I would say you could do it in 7 days. If I did a 2nd one it wouldn't take long as I won't be making the same mistakes............
  5. MattMatt

    Disco 2 V8i PICKUP

    Oh - and it does go off-road - Salisbury Plain with a few mates
  6. MattMatt

    Disco 2 V8i PICKUP

    So to paint. I was in the USA and saw a truck that had been sprayed with Upol Raptor which is a bed liner. The owner told me it was really easy to apply (just an underseal gun) so I duly watched the videos. read the instructions and took the plunge. It was fairly easy to mix and apply producing a great finish on a surface that was not perfect to start with. The effect is fairly military but that fits right in the off road look I wanted. Not quite finished but I have had other concerns for the last 12 months but here are some more pics
  7. MattMatt

    Disco 2 V8i PICKUP

    As I had round lights at the rear, the square D2 headlights looked a bit strange. I found a complete new front end via Boltonbits and though eye wateringly expensive I ordered it anyway. Not too impressed with the fit either as the light pods didn't match up to the headlight fixings and the whole thing has to be messed with (cut about) before it would sit right. I'm still not happy with it but I like the look
  8. MattMatt

    Disco 2 V8i PICKUP

    So to the final sprint - getting all the panels on. The wings are bolted to the front using the rear door fixings but the rest involves the use of a a great deal of Sikaflex. To be honest I wasn't too sure about this but I have been really impressed so far. Nothing has come apart and it has stayed waterproof. I must have used 15 tubes though
  9. MattMatt

    Disco 2 V8i PICKUP

    The tail gate is from an RRC and and rear light pods are made to match the contours etc. Getting all this to line up is a work of are in my opinon and my attempt is not perfect however it isn't bad either. The light pods are filled with round LED units, top and bottom are indicators while the two middle ones are stop/tail. The fog and reverse go into the rear bumper
  10. MattMatt

    Disco 2 V8i PICKUP

    Once I was happy with all that everything was filled with Corroless and the roof secton together with the rear of the cab could all be fastened down before I set about extending the wiring loom back for the lights, fueld tank etc.. The next bit involved cutting panels out of aluminium tread plate sheets to form the floor and sides. Really tedious work and very heavy on slitting/cutting discs. However the result if ok
  11. MattMatt

    Disco 2 V8i PICKUP

    The whole of the rear bed is supported by a box section frame which I drew up in Draftsight to get some idea of how it would all fit. First came the floor section which was tacked to the top of the floor of the rear footwell. After that the cab support bars and the side bars were built up from the base and new chassis rails welded in to support it all. It sounds easy - it wasn't. Getting the whole thing square and level with the cab was a nightmare and involved lots to cutting, tacking and rethinks.
  12. MattMatt

    Disco 2 V8i PICKUP

    Once the body was removed I discovered terminal rot in the rear of the chassis so in a fit of madness I took the disc cutter to it. After some lots of trial fits of the new panels and messing around with Photoshop I eventually decided on a medium length for the bed which gave the length of the chassis etc.
  13. MattMatt

    Disco 2 V8i PICKUP

    Next - fun with the disc cutter. Basically I tried to follow the pics on the LongRanger website only to find out that the RRC they are converting is very different to a D2. To cut a long story short I was trying to leave the inner wings in place but ended up cutting the whole of the rear body off. The roof is cut behind the b pillars and the floor just in front of the rear seats
  14. MattMatt

    Disco 2 V8i PICKUP

    Shortly after that I collected the panels from Clinton at LongRanger. Roof, Cab rear, Wings, Light Pods and some other small bits of trim. At the same time I tried to remember everything Clinton told me about how to fit it up - and failed.
  15. MattMatt

    Disco 2 V8i PICKUP

    Ok so here we go - ( due to time issues this going to come in lots of posts I've always liked the LongRanger but I couldn't find a decent D2 V8 that had a crunched rear until my friend Rob rolled his at an RTV event. The deal was done and I drove this back home A little battered especially around the roof but some good ATs, steering guard and diff guards were already fitted together with a CDL conversion. And of course it;s a V8 with LPG

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