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  1. Smego

    Mantec snorkel

    Wondering if I got this and either cut the downpipe shorter or cut this and tried to clamp it?
  2. Smego

    Mantec snorkel

    John Craddock say only 65mm internal dia
  3. Smego

    Mantec snorkel

    Mantec type company is shut down for the summer break
  4. Smego

    Mantec snorkel

    Oops quoted WRONG post....
  5. Smego

    Mantec snorkel

    I knew Mantec had gone bust but didn't know there was someone making their bits. That tube looks good but I need one about 250mm will search further now I have that as a start point. Thanks all.
  6. Smego

    Mantec snorkel

    I have a mantec 200tdi snorkel and the bendy 70mm plastic bit that joins the 2 rigid pipes has split and needs replacing, anyone know what I can use? I thought a bit of rad pipe might work but it just collapses at the bend, have so far not found anything both strong enough and flexible enough to work.
  7. Smego


    Have the seat belt but had to cut it away from the lower mount Ed.
  8. Smego


    Ah of course Ed, ling time ago when I was on the original tired old springs now I remember!
  9. I have a 1988 but unfortunately it will be two g a scout trailer from the Welsh border back to Surrey on the Friday afternoon!
  10. Smego

    The Mystery of the Glowing Bulbs

    Next full moon use the glow of it to see if there is a faint figure sitting on any of the seats, as could be caused by a ghostly bogie man woo hoo,
  11. Smego


    Out of interest how do you know it is only up the road?
  12. Smego


    Ed, of course only heading for the bin. Yo, will try to remember to take one, basically just a bit threadbare due to being slammed in the door a few times.
  13. Smego


    We are Open 7 days a week. 7am till 11pm. Just Joined. Send me Dave Brewer a PM as soon as you are after a quote, had a renewal or just want to see if we can match or beat a rate. Make all your phone calls, and come to us with your best rate, we will then work on your behalf to get the best we can. We have unbeleivable House Insurance and Liability as well. Extra discounts available as members of this group. All of our policies cover Green Laning, off Roading if it is on our specialist scheme. Pay and Play, Mud slinging, Laning...whatever you want to call it - that is what we insure. RENEWAL If you have a renewal with us, give me a shout up to 14 days before the renewal and we will make sure we get you the best deal. Keep in contact with us. We do not want to lose anyone on new business or renewals, speak to us - we will always do what we can. That is our promise. We do not Insure anyone with a UK Licence under a year. We do NOT cover Business Use. If you have more than 6 points on your Licence then we are unable to quote you. We will look at MAIN Vehicle If modded, limited mileage, no commuting, but only if be 25 year old +, and clean (no accidents/claims) Under 23 - We are no good. Over 23 - We are very good We are pleased to announce we have 2 new schemes. These cater for the second vehicle and limited mileage. So if you have a 4x4 modified vehicle and are doing less than 5000 miles a year then give us a shout as soon as your renewal comes through. In addition we have now opened up many more postcodes. If you are with us already - as usual we will always make sure you are on the most appropriate scheme for your requested cover. Message me for further details. Thank you L200's We are pleased to announce a scheme for Modified L200's but for Social Domestic and Pleasure only on our scheme. However we do have another scheme for Commerical use only but we will not cover any modifications on this scheme. We are Unable to cover Expedition Trailors. Sorry All Imported vehicles, Bongo, Pajero, Trooper etc... Motorhomes: We Love all motorhomes, self build, professional conversions or just standard.We offer up to 180 days for conversion. Over 25 typically, however if vehicle is over 20 years old then we can Insure 21 year olds. House Insurance We have amazing rates for House Insurance, Get a quote from us today and save yourself some money. Just send us a message now.
  14. Smego


    I pay about £130 fully comp use Dave Brewer off fb.
  15. Smego


    He is gping to fit a bit of pipe invthe exhaust down pipe as easier, I have ordered a new seat belt and he has orderwd new front brake pipes to go in next week :¬}

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