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  1. Anyone going next weekend?
  2. Smego

    Heritage Defender LRM givaway

    Part of the deal when entering was you did the promotional stuff after.
  3. Smego

    Heritage Defender LRM givaway

    Said the winner wpuld be contacted within 7 days?
  4. Smego

    Heritage Defender LRM givaway

    Yep that's right, LRM did up an old defender them they were giving it away, loads of coverage leading up to the closing date then not a peep since.
  5. Smego

    Heritage Defender LRM givaway

    Can't believe no one knows, carp publicity this was for them then.
  6. Smego

    High power LED reverse light

    I have just wired in my rwun 18w work lights via a resistor, they come on about 70% power amd work a treat, if I want brighter I flick the switch for full power, simple diodes nicked from an old dc power supply stop the reverse light being back fed.
  7. Smego

    Decent Aerial

    I have had a bendy £10 one from eBay since 2012 and it has continued to work faultlessly ever since
  8. Smego

    New Tata SUV based on Disco Sport

    "which is a version of Land Rover’s D8 platform adapted to suit Indian road conditions" sounds perfect for UK potholes then!
  9. So who won the defender then, sadly wasn't me?
  10. Smego

    Heavy towing

    So a hot gearbox is normal?
  11. Smego

    Heavy towing

    My 30 year old 110 with a defender 200tdi in, when driving or towing a light trailer I get a tiny bit of movement of the temp gauge but otherwise all normal but when I tow a heavy load a fair way the area around the seat boxes and gear stick get as hot as I would love the heater to get on full chat, too warm to leave your leg there, is this normal? It has just had a full service so all fluid levels correct. This was in hot weather last Fri and the engine gauge had crept to the top quarter. Only tow the heavy horsebox full of scout stuff once a year but have noticed it with the loaded caravan on hills too. Is it just the wash of hot air channeled from the engine bay?
  12. Smego

    Mantec snorkel

    Wondering if I got this and either cut the downpipe shorter or cut this and tried to clamp it?
  13. Smego

    Mantec snorkel

    John Craddock say only 65mm internal dia
  14. Smego

    Mantec snorkel

    Mantec type company is shut down for the summer break
  15. Smego

    Mantec snorkel

    Oops quoted WRONG post....

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