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  1. It wasn't this one it was from paddock I think
  2. The one I was looking at was specifically to make the 200tdi and earlier simular to the lighter 300tdi
  3. What work is involved could a novice mechanic fit it on the driveway with basic tools?
  4. I have had 2 18w in mine for since about 2012 when they were about £50 ea wired to work when I select reverse but also have an overide switch in the cab been great
  5. Yes ha e been on it a year but not many defender 110s
  6. Everything I have read says 5kw will soot up amd 2kw is the way to go, it is more about where to fit as I have a van back type.
  7. Why would I want a 5kw, it will soot up being run on low all the time.
  8. Anyone know if it is possible to fit one if these cheap 2kw chinese heaters in the empty space under the drivers seat in a 110?
  9. Would read it but after only 6 months they have f!cked up my rolling £8.50 subscription so my online mag access doesn't work, mailed them but day 4 and nothing!!!
  10. All the plastic trim was originally a UK importer fit item thatvif my information in correct then was taken up back in the motherland as they liked it, the original UK 1.6i came in basic Husser trim amd then the pladtic clad Cossack trim ib the latter they gave you a ciggy lighter socket too! My mate Paul's started rusting under the plastic while still under warranty! Mentally good off road though! I had p and n reg ones, my minter was a late Cossack, never actually drive that one though as sold it before I got around to fixing the starter motor. Nearly brought an 03 just back
  11. When Alan Bird (Scotlands Mr, Lada) retired there was a guy teying to bring them into the UK but only in LHD someone told me a couple of years ago they still can bring in them but not as new cars and in the £1000s so no market, used to love my little Ladas but in reality they were **** when not off roading! Horrible on road. Near me there is an undulating 40mph road my 30th old landy takes with a rattle, in the Lada anything over 30pmh made me feel sick, even in the 1.7i it struggled with even a humpback bridge 😄 Forget towing! Snow was fine but hit muddy water in anything above -1 a
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