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Since fitting a new set of injectors all has been wonderfull.

Today saw me at Broxhead, and I gave it "A lot a stick"...a hell of a lot of stick, and loads and loads of deep water and swimming lessons, ...........it sounded and behaved beautifully...............

The engine was 100% ok from 10.00 till about 2.00, then a 'new' misfire kicked in.... :(

However, fiddle with everything as I did, nothing fixed it, the amount of water on site was huge (well at least I shoved in in deep mud and water holes) and the engine was absolutely soaked - I had water over the bonnet, coming out from underneath the bonnet and over the wing tops, and just soaked it and repeatedly shoved it in the gloop.....

There is a chance that when it all drys out (there could be joint thats soaked) it may behave, but I am unconvinced.

Frankly I am at a loss again - I say this misfire is different as you can drive through it - at higher RPMs it clears, but part throttle and tick over the smell of unbr=urnt fuel and this misfire is immense.

hey ho............. :( doing my nut

I think in todays Diary I shall just write "B*gger" :(


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Well there are no pics to substantiate your claims of mud and water but ... aren't you being a bit piccy. If it was as bad as you say, and you did your utmost to find any weaknesses, then still running with a bit of mid range miss fire would count as a success in my book?

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Trust me loads of water and mud.

Sat in water for half hour before being winched out, loads of smoke, the sump had filled with water.

Oil change and all OK, but now I'll have to service it and change all oils.

Nige it sounded great early on.

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