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what alternator.


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I have been told that the alternator on my 300Tdi Defender is only just putting out enough to keep everything running and the twin batteries charged. I have had repeated problems with my main battery (red Top Optima) going flat. I have now fitted a battery cut off switch to stop any possibility of drain while the thing is parked up.

As far as I am aware it is a standard alternator for a 300 and has not been uprated at any stage.

Is there an easy upgrade without going down the 'twin alternators' route? Does the alternator off a Discovery have a higher output?

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A mate who used to be a mechanic at the old Ford dealership in Swindon checked it for me and said that the output is only just enough to power everything and once I had a few electrical ancillaries switched on, it was not really putting out enough to run everything and keep the battery charged. He reckons that may well have been why the batteries kept going down, they were just not getting charged enough.

Really must sort out a time to bring the thing over to you to sort out the radiator/intercooler and front brakes. Long trip in February so I need to get it done before then :rolleyes:

Speak soon

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Guest diesel_jim

The "big" terminal is the charging one.... on the 300's it's usually got a 10mm nut, the warning light one has a 7 or 8mm nut IIRC.

If you're going to upgrade the alternator, i'd put a bigger cable in place from the alternator down to the starter +ve terminal (or right back to the battery).

give me a shout if you need a hand with that, i can crimp a 25 or 35mm cable with the lugs on for ya. (i only live in Purton so meeting up is no problem)



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Will the 100A Disco alternator fit a 200 or are they mounted on the other side of the engine?



Yep, it'll fit got a 100amp Marelli alt from a air con fitted Discovery on my 200Tdi, this is the best pic of it at this time, can get a better one over this weekend.


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