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Any idea what this is?


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Finally got around to doing a couple more odd jobs on the camel tonight :i-m_so_happy:

One of them jobs was changing the gearbox oils. Having drained the oil from the main gearbox, I noticed something stickin' out of the drain hole...




Any body any idea what this is, or what it was, and if it's likely to make my gearbox go "BANG!!!" anytime soon?

Its an R380 box.


Dan B)

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That looks familiar :(

I pulled similar bits out my discoverys gearbox the first time I serviced it. The diagnosis was that it's part of the spring from one of the synchromesh baulk rings. I already knew mine had problems with the baulk ring on third (along with the other curse of early R380s, a worn main shaft).

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<groan> ...thanks all, I'll pass it on to Dan.

At the moment we have:

1 Series, currently a bulkhead and a chassis

1 Rangie, currently being rebuilt

1 Mini Cooper, overheating no matter what we do... praying it's not a rebuild job

1 Camel, with interesting metal bits.

I'm regretting selling my Scooby :(

Drove the Camel to work today, drove the same as usual. I have occasionally had problems with 1st, but a good shove/putting it in 2nd then 1st seems to work ok... but then gearboxes are something I havn't learnt about yet, I see a lesson arriving in the near future.

...at least today is my last day at work until 2nd Jan B)

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Hmmmm... so that may explain the crunching between 1st and 2nd :unsure:

So I presume it's just gonna be a case of wait for it to go "BANG!!" then, or will it continue to work ok for another 100k miles?

Les, the coffee table had to have a space cleared specially to take the photos... did you notice the LR classic parts coaster?? :lol:

Cheers for the replies, even if they are bad news :huh:

D :)

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