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Weber 4 Barrel - Model 500 on a V8 - Question !


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Yet another weekend on the V8 trying to work out what was wrong with it.

A better with V8s mate of mine also drew a complete blank, in the end he and I worried that it may have been "Internal" - ie part hydrauliced etc.

To prove a point the Eales now has a 4 barrel Eldenbrock Manifold plus a weber 500 4 barrel on it

Goes like absolute stink, and no misfire - at all starts well ticks over better than it ever has and sounds awesome :D


I know on the 4 barrel Holleys for use off road you needed all sorts of mods and off road float kits etc, I am told the weber is far better and needs none of this, but what would it be like at silly angles / slopes ?

Anyone know what these are like for silly off road use before I go any further ?


PS anyone know where in surrey sussex someone is who does bits and spares for these ?

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There is an offroad kit available about $12 i think, just a spring loaded jet or seat not sure which.

Power wise 4 barrel weber is really good, economy wise is really really bad, was 2 - 4 to gallon when racing!!!

Good on WOT, bad down hill on idle.

If you hit something really hard it can empty float bowls down barrels and flood engine.

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The off road kit was for holleys, the weber having ports front and rear don't have this prob that holleys do, also holleys were too big for V8 and were not really much cop. The webver seems to have a strong following and is very very tunable, but just unsure, it will buy me time whilst I work on other fixes for the system tho....and I can have a working 90 in the meantime....

Memory has something about a dealer / weber specialist in the walton - on - thmes area ?

Damned if I can remember who, was a very helpfull poster on the old (dark side) LRE Forum ?


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The offroad kit is for weber/edelbrock aswell (same carb with sticker over casting)


The weber i had was no good for slow steep offroading, after flooding the carbs several times i would guess that it does have these problems, no matter what the people in norwich say

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I had a Weber 500 on mine for almost 2 years with an Edelbrock manifold, great carb for light offroading but found it was no use on steep slopes, carb poured petrol into the bores and the engine bogged and stalled. I got round this by running on LPG but it didn't quite have the same oomph.

I didn't have the offroad kit on the Weber but understood this was to cure a vibration & impacts problem rather than a sideslope problem.

Been eyeing up Megasquirt for a while now, my tinkering side got the better of me so have taken the plunge and am in the process of conversion using a Hotwire setup with MSnS so my Weber 500 & manifold will be for sale fairly soon

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I thought you had your EFi rolling roaded - no way a Weber 500 should be better than EFi, especially your setup :blink: even the stock Lucarse went better than my (bought new & set up properly) Weber 500. Yes, they stall on side-slopes too, very annoying.

As has been said they are OK for power but terrible for economy, may as well point the fuel hose directly down the manifold :lol:

Used to be a weber dealership in Scumhampton but they were replaced by a more modern shop selling steam powered gramophones.

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