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Cheap Fuel

Jon White

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Ordering from us is safe and easy! Just enter the desired quantity of the fuel you need, and we'll package it up and send it to you in the post, first class, delivered straight through your letterbox. No hassle. No worries.

This is a joke right :huh:

BUT, here in Sweden, A few gas stations were GIVING AWAY gas yesterday, for a hour. At one station, the line up was several km. long and some poeple even camped out over night, to be first/in the line up.


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Nah I think they are well serious...

The healing power of crystals has been known for some time - new research shows that they can be used as a source of automotive power too.

Working with Europe's leading metaphysicists, we are in the process of creating the right mix of crystals in order to not only power your car indefinitely, but also to spread karmic joy throughout your local community.

You know, they might be on to something....



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Anyone used these people???


Oh Jon

Stick to hammers

Just in case you are an American, or possibly drive a car made by Suzuki, we will spell the purpose of Petrol Direct out to you in simple terms. This is a spoof. A parody. We do not sell petrol or any other fuels, and certainly not plutonium or antimatter. Sorry. This site is strictly for laughs only.

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This bit gave me a chuckle,

NOx Enhanced Petrol

Very rarely available in most of Europe, NOx Enhanced Petrol contains a specially dissolved nitrous oxide based compound that can really boost engine performance over short distances.

I wonder how many boy racer chavs tried to order that stuff :lol:


90 V8EFI TruckCab

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