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Galvanising Old Chassis

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Hoping to get the ball rolling and get my 110 Chassis Galvanised in January.
Need to get it shot blasted first and then sent to GALV company.
Now it is completely bare apart from bolts that are in the engine mounts, but I'm sure that these are welded too.
It is a very Clean Chassis for its age, should I try and clean the inside ??  and does anything else have to be done before its ready to go ?

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Depends, if you have access to a power washer, a decent place to dry it and a compressor to blow out the debris, sure.

It's unlikely to be painted inside, unlike early series mod models.

So, why not.

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A "proper" galvanizer will hot-pickle the chassis before fluxing it and then galvanising it. Properly removing any adherent paint or greasy-deposits will endear you to the galvanizers.

If there are any threaded captive-nuts it's worth screwing a Copaslip-coated bolt into them before galvanizing, similarly for any through-chassis tubes. It's a lot easier to do this than having to drill-out/re-tap them after galvanizing so you can re-fit your bolts.

Also, any closed sections, drill airholes/drain-holes so the galvanizing can flow freely in and out. Galvanizers charge by weight - they weigh the chassis before and after - you don't want to have a random 50-Kilograms-worth of molten Zinc wastefully trapped in a closed section.

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A good galvanizer should be able to string your frame up with paint on it. They will drop it in the Zinc kettle prior to beginning the galvanizing process, literally burning off anything that isn't steel. This is even more true if the galvanizer is running their pot for a high-temp galvanizing line.

Some places run actual burn-off ovens.

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