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Clutch lost after highway


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Hello all,

My LR after running for a while in highway lost clutch pressure, and difficult or even impossible to engage/disengage any gear.

This issue is making me crazy for a while, because, both master, slave cylinder and even the circuit are all new. This malfunction appears after running for a while, but in normal roads it doesn't happen.

After some time and after pumping the clutch it eventually works again.

ALL points to air/leak in the hydraulic circuit but it was redone for the 2nd time already...

Any idea?

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I had similar with a Range Rover P38 manual. As long as you used the clutch, it was fine. But after doing some distance on the highway, it felt like there was air in the system and the pedal needed pumping before the clutch would fully disengage. Heat from the exhaust sounds like a very probable explanation.

As repeated bleeding didn't work (not for long at least),  I carried on like that for some time. By accident, I found a solution: I didn't tighten the cap from the reservoir fully at some point, and that solved the issue. I can only assume the improved venting was enough to prevent air from accumulation in the system.


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Hello all,

Problem solved. 

Al heat shield just in the bottom (similar to the part 19 in the picture above), heat sleeve for the clutch pipes, and competition brake fluid (in this case Castrol SRF, but there are many others and cheaper).

Thanks for your feedback and help.

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