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Semi seized engine

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Afternoon everyone!

hi all i got a 86" n/a diesel 110 with the engine seized managed to get it moving nicely 

If i turn it over anti clockwise moved freely (6times) but if i go clockwise it gets to the 6 turns it becomes solid any ideas would be appreciated 



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other thing you can try : remove the glowplugs en see if the engine wil turn more than 6 revolutions (maybee there's oil or water on top of 1 cilinder) . if not , remove valve cover and loosen all the set screws for the rockers (or maybee just easier to remove the hole valve train) , if you can turn your engine round the distribution belt has sprung a tooth or more ....

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May be a broken piston ring. When you remove the cylinder head inspect each bore for scoring with pistons at BDC. A broken piston ring may not be evident by just visible inspection. Giving the pistons a wobble at TDC may also help identify, there should be a very slight amount of movement.

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