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2.4 tdci dash warning light

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My puma is flashing the exclamation mark in a red circle warning like on and off intermittently. I googled what it means and it was apparently low brake fluid. I checked and it was ok but I added some just incase but the light is still flicking on and off rapidly and intermittently 

Any ideas? 



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I'm not 100% sure about the Puma models, but on the earlier Defenders that light is also linked to the handbrake switch, it's contact closes to ground when the lever is lifted, it could be that the switch it out of line or damaged or the wire is trapped somewhere and intermittently shorting.

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Cheers for the reply 

I did think that as my other car shows that icon with the handbrake but I cant seem to get the handbrake to effect that at all in any situation so I don't think that icon is hand brake related on the puma but not 100%

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lift the gaiter around the bottom of handbrake & see if there is a switch there, if not, it'll have no affect on the dash light.

if your brake pads have wires coming from them, it could be low pads which are operating the light.

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So I'm having issues now where the vehicle has cut out on me while very low revs. I think it could he related to the light. It starts up again no problem and goes fine. The vehicle has also had a remap on it I think before I purchased it but if i go on the motorway in 6th gear for maybe 5 or 10 mins the map disappears and it goes to standard or maybe worse performance but not what I'd describe as limp mode 

Very strange fault but I would assume it's got to be a sensor or something to do with the remap? 


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