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Leaf Springs & winches


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Dear All

I am soon to fit a winch on the front of my Series 3, its going to be a husky with a synth rope. I run a tdi200 just to get an idea. 

What have you all done to the springs? uprated? or reset? added a leaf maybe?

I have a set which i might get reset with some more free camber than specified in the green bible.

Let me know



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I think you're meant to measure the gap between the bump stops on axle and chassis.

I have parabolics (TIC stage 2), and they were relatively flat with the weight of the Warn, steel rope, bullbar, spare wheel and all the sound insulation in the engine bay.  Adding a third leaf made a world of difference.  For just a winch with synthetic rope, you may need only one semi-elliptical leaf.  Measure the bump stop clearance before an after fitting the winch - that's the best way to know; you should be trying to keep it about the same.

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Yes trying to keep it the same height, that why i will probably reset the camber. I did them in the past myself, but its a lot of work. This time i have a spare set of leaves which i will reset after i install the winch and see where it sits, and how it rides. Cause if it hits the bumps all the time it might be too soft and i will than probably add a leaf. 

No paras for me in front, i had them, broke them, and hated them, so its standard springs up front. 



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