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Evening Folks , 

Filled up the motor this evening £80 worth of diesel and went to start the 🦛, but would not fire up , after about 15 try’s and eventually starting it whilst in reverse as I was facing a brick wall the bugger started . Managed to get it round to my mechanic who put it on a diagnostic machine & it came up with Low Fuel Pressure if I remember correctly , now what I need to know is what’s the part number I am looking for and Amy particular brand apart from genuine that is good enough ? 

Is this common to start playing up around 86,000 ? 

2004 TD4 

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TD4 has two fuel pumps, be careful of making an expensive mistake!

One in-tank and one (very) high pressure one either on the chassis or in the engine bay if memory serves, I think I did the engine bay HP one on mine and it was fairly straightforward, that got sluggish and you could hear it moaning before it finally failed.

I'd be tempted to at least do the fuel filter while you're in there.

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2004 model will only have one low pressure pump in the RH rear wheelarch. The high pressure pump is on the engine.

You need to know whether its the low or high pressure side which is at fault .

If its the low pressure  fault, it is most likely the fuel pump at fault. DONT waste money on ANY non genuine item. It might get you going, but you will be wanting another one quite soon.

If its a high pressure fault, the nightmare begins...……………………………...

Most mechanics are unable to diagnose properly, and end up wasting LOTS of your money on unnecessary parts.

You have managed 86k without it playing up ???? 😲 You have much to learn Grasshopper.

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