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Husky Winch Brushes?


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Hi All

I am at the moment refurbing a Husky winch. While its apart i thought it might be a good idea to fit new brushes to the motor. Now i have the parts manual and been trough the parts suppliers and no one seems to list the brushes separately (unlike other makes). Does anyone know if you can find replacements? or have the specs (lenght) of what they should be as new?

Motor used to work when tested, not under load, loads and loads of black dust inside (brushes?) no corrosion or water ingress damage.

Tips and advise welcome.


Regards Grem

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Hi western, 

Thanks for the reply, pity they closed! yes i have been on the first four site, but no brushes listed. I am ordering some gaskets and other bits, will try asking maybe they know.


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Please note the Husky requires a special grade oil - stick to it.

The gearbox / wormwheel needs that to work correctly..

First Four usu. has the correct stuff.

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Right some useful info for those who wish to keep thier Husky winch alive.

The original motor  is made by ISKRA - 11.216.273 AMJ4761 MAHLE Letrika (Iskra) DC motor

A bit of history about Iskra, in 2012, the Slovenian auto electrical company Iskra Avtoelektrika changed its brand name to Letrika. There continuous product development earned the recognition of the profession. Letrika is a member of the MAHLE group since 2014 and use MAHLE Letrika brand name since 2015 and are now branded MAHLE.

Voltage 12V
Kilowatt 1.6kW
Rotation from D/End CW/CCW
C-C Mounts 90mm
Mount Flange Diameter  
Case Mount ID 98mm
Case OD 112mm
Overall Length 227mm
Case to End Shaft 60mm
Shaft Outer Diameter 15mm
Shaft Type MALE 20 SPLINE
RPM 2800
Electrical Configuration F2/F1/A
Operation Time F1/F2/A
Weight (Kg) 6.7kg


You can buy the brushes and other motor parts, although difficult they are available as these motors are run in all sort of configurations and applications.

Pos. Letrika P/N MAHLE P/N Description
4 16.360.718 MMX 529 Armature
5 16.905.163 MMX 913 Bearing
7 16.908.017 MMX 739 Bolt
8 16.280.716 MMX 522 Stator
11 16.905.677 MMX 351 Set of brushes
13 16.908.018 MMX 941 Rear-end bracket
15 16.906.290 MMX 187 Protecting cover


As regards to lubricants.

Spur box is EP00 Grease, take your pick on the brand. Main box is 140SAE gear oil.


Hope many will find this useful for maintenance


Regards Grem

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Thanks guys,


Just ordered a fresh set of brushes (https://www.al-electric.de/), as mine were quite worn, next i will lightly skim the commutator so it has a fresh face. Motor should be like new when done.

Just need to deciede what colour to repaint the winch........ original red or black.............



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