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wet area at the above of rear axle in 2004 discovery td5


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When I changed rear axle oil yesterday, I found its wet, then looked up forward a bit, there is a wet area where the rear seat is located above. I guess it could be leak from a fuel line (HP line?). But I can not see any fuel line at this location, maybe it is hidden between the inside floor and bottom of the car. How do I get access from the above of the wet area? Any ideas are appreciated!


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Hi, The high pressure pipe is called "the green pipe" if you want to google it. It can be bought seperatley. It connects above the o/s chassis to the pipe to the engine and to the top of the fuel pump. You do need to remove the cover plate in the boot to access the top of the tank. It is possible to replace it by tying string to the old pipe as you pull it out and then pulling the new pipe through. It runs above the chassis which is why you can't see it above the tank. Make sure you put some sort of protection around the new pipe to stop it happening again.

This gives you a layout of the pipes http://new.lrcat.com/#!/1232/38332/38387/2961



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22 minutes ago, bear said:

Yes, but it's on top of the o/s chassis rail.


I checked the wet area again this weekend. it is dry or half dry around it, apart of that it has no drips. I checked the tank and fuel pipe lines on chassis which is lower than the wet area. They are dry too. It seems a fluid was gushed from its underneath. I saw there are two grease U-turn hoses, last year MOT mentioned (Offside Rear Brake pipe corroded, covered in grease or other material to hose) I don't think they are brake pipe but connected ACE pipes (see pic). However ACE level is still at max. I saw the rear axle oil was low when I changed it last week, gushed from there? or from the breather of tank if the tank was refilled fully some day. It is mysterious to me


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