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CSW Bench Seat Fixings

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1988 110 v8 CSW

I am in the process of returning my 3 person benches to standard, so they can flip up. Does anyone have an pictures of how the front of the bench seat attaches to the wheel arch? 

I can see I need:

2 x FB108201L

2 x WL108001L

2 x WC108051L

2 x MRC6845

1 x MRC6843

I don't exactly see how these work in practice. Also, does anyone know why you only need one of the MRC6843 (stiffeners). Sorry, a bit of a niche topic, but any help much appreciated.

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Some images which maybe helpful.

Couple of things to note:

1. There is a removable plate on the underside which houses the fix nuts.

2. Our 110 is fitted with a "dog" guard hence another bracket topside with the thumb bolt on the top holding the guard - we do not own a dog. Just useful to stop stuff flying forward.

In any case, as fitted, not able to fold the bench seats up. Would be interested to know how folk have theirs fitted to allow that. Suspect foldable in the sense you can do this via a spanner!

LR workship link and image attached which may help too.


Let me know if you need further images.





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only 1 MRC6843 at the forward bolts it fits inside the vehicle under the stepped black bracket adjacent to 2nd row doors

so at the forward end you need these items 5,6,7,8, & 9, 2 of each for each forward end & only 1 of item 9. 


at the rear end you use 2 of each items 10,11,12,13. For each side of the vehicle, 


To allow the seats to fold leave the inner attachment out,  ( inner being nearest to longitudinal centreline of the vehicle.)



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Simon, Western thanks - that's really helpful.

Could you show me a picture of the end of the bench base fixings nearest to the rear door too please? 

It seems odd that the seats weren't designed to fold up easily (I just assumed this was the case because of the hinge on the base). Will have to think about an easier method to get them up and down than using the spanners.

Separately, which dog guard are you guys using? I thought the standard ones didn't fit with the longer 3 person CSW seats!?

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Separately, which dog guard are you guys using? I thought the standard ones didn't fit with the longer 3 person CSW seats!?

as per our PM, my dog guard is the genuine LR item, with my trakkers hi-back seats & the base extension kit, I had to shorten the side facing bench seats so base could fit with the dog guard, I didn't bother making them fold up.

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Some images which may help for the rear mounting.

First image - note that there is a plate with 2 welded nuts which fits to the underside of the body. A helping hand is useful.

Second image - perhaps not obvious. The rear of the bench frames are secured with a screw/washer. Long screwdriver useful.

The dog guard mesh was part number STC7555G




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By the way, with the guard mesh in place, there is no way that the rear benches would fold up as the guard mesh projects backwards into the rear space.

Still mulling over what to do with the rear load area. Liking the idea of boarding out in some way with a shelf that still allows to be easily removed and the benches utilised.


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