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200 Tdi Oil cooler pipes


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I have an 1989 110 that had a factory conversion from TD to 200 Tdi and it used the oil cooler pipes ESR1912 / ESR1913. To replace these one needs to fork out about £110 to replace both of them. Instead of paying this price are there alternative part numbers to use - or should I get the hoses renewed by a hydraulic hose place? i.e. can I use PBP500190 or ESR3690 in place of ESR1912? Or do I have to suck it up and pay the going price?

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I replaced those pipes a while ago, I certainly didn't pay 100 quid each for them.I got both for 115 from my local LR independent parts place, this was 2 june 2018. just dug out the invoice for them. 

you cannot use the other hoses as the end fittings of the metal pipes are different & will not seal in the oil filter head. only way to fit the other curved end pipes is to obtain the matching filter head which is certainly not cheap.

I don't think the RRC or Discovery pipes will fit. as the 200Tdi in a defender sit behind the front axle so the oil cooler hoses are longer.

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I have just done this, there is no pressure in the oil cooler lines. Cut off the existing crimps and get a hydraluic hose shope to lengthen the rubber pipes ,there is no flare on the pipes it's just a plain pipe. That's how the crimps are from the factory. Hers some pics I doing door pillar just now and the wings off



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