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2.25 petrol conrod big end bolts & nuts


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 I am rebuilding 2.25 litre petrol land rover engine big end cap nuts and bolts

The question is the bolts l took out are longer and the nuts were nylock the new bolts ERC8751 are little shorter the nuts ETC 5155 are not as big as the original ones they are thinner and have a small shoulder  these are self locking but run on freelyts 

Which way does the shoulder go. On bearing cap or the end of the thread

I am thinking that shoulder fits on the end cap and compresses on the thread when the  nuts are torqued

Thank waratah

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A complete change of subject would be better catered for in a New Topic.
However I see that while you are new here you have hadthe courtesy to include your location, something a lot of people forget.
That being so, I had to look up Tambellup.

I am not familiar with ETC5155 but from  the picture on the LR Series web site I am assuming the upper face of the nut contains the locking element.

In common with other locking nuts I've used (Nyloc, K'line, Aerolock) the nut is placed with the free running section first and the locking section last, away from the item being clamped.
If the nut does run on completely freely, with no stiffness, I don't know the answer to your question 'Which way does the shoulder go, against the bearing cap or away from it?'


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spilt from the unrelated thread.
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The new nuts with shoulder as you have shown run on freely without resistance

If shoulder near the end of the thread something must compresses when the nut is freely

Maybe I I'm using the wrong bolt

In the manual it does not give information on nuts but says the nuts should be replaced after one use

Thanks waratah

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If they run all the way on freely then they are not self locking . Are the old bolts still ok ? If so then a normal 3/8" UNF Nyloc is fine , which would also be ok on the new bolts if they are long enough . There are 2 torque figures for the 2 types of bolt , ID'd by a centre mark in the threaded end .


Steve b

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