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Engine enigma


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so.. i have this SIII lwb 2.3d for these last couple of weeks. Landy in very good condition. the only thing is...

up to 40km it's ok no smoke at the rear very clear exhaust.

as soon as you try to push it over 40km, black smoke comes out .Up an inclined road, the landy looses all the power and you have to go down a gear.. the feeling is like this... 3rd not strong enough, 2nd too strong but low..

i fitted locking hubs to eliminate the front ... still same story.

besides that, the engine temp gauge while driving does not exceed the first quarter. thermostat checked and looks ok. you can even open the radiator cap or touch it with your hand after a long run. it remains warm but not boiling ot hot..

the thing hassling me, is the engine looks very clean, no back compression from the top cover.. but it vibrates a lot, and seems to be a bit advanced.. engine mountings look fine.. so vibration from where??

the thing is you can see stickers all over the diesel pump , that it had been serviced reacently by a diesel specialist.

consumption is ok...but the landy is a snail.

any idea??

i was going to remove the head for decarbonization and check if there is something wrong with the valves..but maybe someone out there has a better tip.

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Check for collapsing air intake hose (could be a hose delaminating internally) or blocked air filter.

Black smoke indicates excess fuel, but if the air is restricted in some way, it will be gutless.

The faster you go, the more air it needs.

It is also possible that the injection timing has been set incorrectly.

Hope this helps,



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Well, because the radiator is plugged up with mud and the v8 eats enough air to suck small pets and children off the pavement as you drive past, it creates a vacuum under the bonnet that holds it shut. :moglite:

brillaint you win for that answer :D

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re my question about the engine... well it was more of a valve clearance problem actually. i adjusted to correct clearance and pulling power is back to normal. still got to settle out a bit the smoke thing when up a hill , but quiet happy with the ending result, considering the engine got the tecno of 40yrs ago. but i am happy cause with a good set up of wheels, and an overdrive, yes it drives up to 60km. Malta is very small, and in every corner you have to halt for a traffic lights or a pedestrian crossing, so it's useless fitting a V8 since you waste more fuel waiting than driving around.

thanks for those who helped....

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