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Synthetic rope splicing


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Having seen a few pictures of spliced eyes in ropes on different websites, I'd be interested to hear how people have spliced ropes themselves, or had ropes spliced for them.

The reason being, I have seen a fair few splices with the rope passed through it's self a couple of times. This goes against everything i've seen, done and been told about, in the Marine world. I'd be interested in anyone else's perspective.



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Hi All,

I use 4 times through the body of the rope - 6 strands a side, then down the core.

BUT - most important - you have got to taper the end in the core so when you slide you hand down the outside of the rope you cannot feel any bumps or ridges.

Reason - if the rope is forced around the lip of an untapered line within the outer rope, the strength is compromised by anything up to 50%.

Be warned.

If in doubt have a look at the "Quick Splicing" instructions on my website.


Andy Thomlinson.

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