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Electrical Harness Plugs


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I'm wiring up my 2001 110 completely from scratch but I'm having a huge problem finding a few harness plugs, specifically the windshield washer motor and the two washer pump plugs all one the harness side, male plugs. Anyone know where I can get these plugs and terminals, I did find a pigtail but I'm trying not to use any butt connectors anywhere and shipping was $60 for the $20 part. I found it on LRWorkshop but can't find any more about it. C0030:




Thanks in advance,



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Thanks so much guys, I've sent a message to Paul and will see what he says. That second ebay link looks like exactly what I need for the motor, thank you Pete. My washer pump is an oval shape so I'll have to keep looking but I guess if I get desperate I could just use a couple spade terminals and seal them in with epoxy. I really appreciate the help.



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On 12/27/2020 at 7:57 AM, pete3000 said:


Pete's link is to the seller I use when I need a Lucas wiper motor connector 👍


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