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300Tdi 110 - binding issue

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I have a 300tdi '95 that runs great, changes well at all speeds but seems to have some sort of binding issue when pulling away (as if the axle/hand brake is locked).  Seems to be fine once i reverse a couple of feet and then place back into 1st, and the issue only happens intermittently.  In addition, when rolling to a stop (freewheeling) i can often feel the vehicle shudder to at stop a very low speeds  (again almost feels as if something is binding up).  Any similar experiences of this issue would be greatly appreciated or where to start!



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Hand brake adjustment, and make sure the hand brake cable is operating smoothly - if the engine earth strap is corroded or dirty and not earthing the starter motor easily, the hand brake cable becomes an alternate earth and gets hot on start up, melting the Teflon coating inside the sheathing, restricting cable movement.  This could hold the brake partly on when you think it has been released.

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