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Design Development Engineering Disc Brake Conversion Kits


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On 11/24/2021 at 12:51 AM, Cchase said:

Does anyone here have any experience with the Design Development Engineering disc brake conversion kit? Front and rear.

It seems like a capable bit of engineering. site is: https://www.designdevelopmenteng.co.uk/

Found one video here:  


When i was ordering my front kits from Zues there add popped up on facebook and looking at it they look very similar to the Zues kits but i wasn't happy with having to buy all the brake stuff after buying the kits were as you get everything you need in the kit with Zues 🙂

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The main problem I can see is that you cannot use series wheels, which would put me off, but I am a bit of a snob when it comes to wheels...

Also, the site states you need to machine the hubs, which involves a large lathe. Something to think about before you buy.



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Thanks Daan,

My problem is that I bought my Series 3 109 with the original Heystee disc conversion at the front. Both of the calipers were totally seized (hence the reason for the accident the truck was in, and the subsequent 'offer I couldn't refuse' when I bought it), and the replacement rotors are impossible to source, even if I could get replacement Santana calipers.

When considering options, I debated going back to the original drum set-up, the kit from Rocky Mountain (With GM calipers and the necessity to machine the rotors), the Zeus kit, or the new style Heystee with the Defender 110 vented discs and calipers. 

Heystee is out of stock until well into the new year so I decided to try the Design Engineering option for front and rear discs, which are now on their way across the Atlantic as we speak.

I'll post some photos when I get to the job. The machining of the hubs will be done by a local machine shop and I'll get all 4 done at the same time...hopefully replication will make the task easier for them and a bit cheaper for me...haha!

My biggest shock was the price of the Wolf wheel lugs! Yikes times 20!

I already have the Wolf wheels on my 110 for the Series 3, and the One Ton rims that came with the Series 3 will look great on the 110. I will need to get one more Wolf for the spare tire.

The One ton rims cleaned up really well.

Be safe.







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