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Charging 48V with 12V battery question


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Good evening, my forklift with a 750AH ish 48V lead acid is now having to be charged about twice a day, I have a CTEK 25A charger that i would like to try the reconditioning cycle on, I think I already know the answer but do I need to unbolt the cells the make 4x 12v batterys and try the cycle from there? I guess if I just wanted to charge I could simply 'jump' and two 6V cells but the recondition cycle would more than likely be upset by this. 

Lastly and particular idea why I shouldn't do this? The battery has the easy oil water system that is used every charge and was working over the last few years so I don't think I have a dry cell as such although I will obviously check this when I pull the box to do a 'manual' charge.


Hopefully that all makes sense....

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If you can access individual cells or groups to get to 12V, you should be able to use the CTek to recondition them. In theory you don't even need to disconnect the cells being charged, as long as the battery is isolated from the forklift so no current can flow.
I would do a health check on each 12V or 6V group to verify you don't have any bad cells and they're all in more or less the same state of health. Chances are one or more cells are causing the problem, maybe beyond the recon capabilities of even the CTek.

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