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3.5 efi idle speed


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Is there any easy way to adjust the idle speed on a 3.5 efi?

Car was idling at 800 rpm until I replaced the leads and spark plugs to the  correct ones. 

Now its idling at 1200. I did the timing and the throttle sensors which were both completely off too.

how can I get the idle speed down?

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The flapper setup has no active idle speed control as such - there's the warmup valve on the front that is a bimetallic valve heated by 12v, and ISTR the air-con models had a small solenoid that added a bypass into the plenum when the compressor engaged.

If something's suddenly changed I'd check for vacuum leaks as Bowie suggests or other mechanical faults.

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I did check and can't find a problem with the pipes. I have the feeling that that was messed up a long time ago. The timing was completely out and as soon as I set it right I had a huge increase in power .... and the idle at 1200. I don't think it's the right procedure to retard or advance timing to regulate the idle speed.

There must be a way to adjust the idle speed? I have attached few photos showing the set up.

The only space where a hose could be missing is the bottom one at the vacuum membrane for the distributer. Thoe top one is ther and the diaphragm is ok / advance seems to work.








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Yep, fixed the fix. was way out.

Running smoothly at 800 now witch correct timing, leads and plugs!

I could not find it in literature and by inspection I thought this is just a hold down bolt for the inlet.

Thanks guys! I'm member since over 12 years and whilst I'm only popping in for the occasional question it's so good to still have the same good people providing excellent advise. time for a donation.

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