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A bit OT: MP3 maker


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Not entirely OT as it is in the 90, I have just bought a CD receiver with a USB input so I can play music off a USB memory stick, a 90 on potholed gravel roads is a bit choppy for a CD player and it skips too much :angry: so I figured a memory stick can't effn skip however big the pot hole is :D

But I am a bit of a thickie with MP3 stuff and while I can download MP3s from "a Russian website that the music industry doesn't like much" I'd also like to compress a load of my existing CD tracks to MP3 format and put onto the memory stick(s) to be able to listen to on the move.

What is the easiest and cheapest (preferably free-est!) way of squishing 40MB sized CD audio tracks to 5MB sized MP3 format? Can it even be done in Windows? (When I put an MP3 track onto a CD-R to play in a conventional CD player, it automatically seems to expand the MP3 to a full sized CD track)

Ta :)

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Easiest way is with windows meida player.

Open it up, click tools, then options, then rip music. Check that it is specified in MP3 format (you will want at least 128kbps, 192 recommended though). Close the tools window.

Insert your CD, and click the Rip tab. Media player will think for a bit, and if connected to the internet will find the names/artists/album name etc and fill in all the details for you. If it doesn't, there should be a button somewhere "Find Album Info" or something similar. Click the check box for the tracks you want to rip, and then click Rip. The tracks will be stored in your music folder, under the name of the album. They will also appear in your music library in media player.

You might even be able to use the 'Sync' tab to copy the music that you want to listen to onto the USB stick...although I use MP3 CDs so have never used this function.

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Cheers :)

I did a Google search but it was one of those things that returns 78 million hits so rather than try them all its easier to ask!

Yes please Ian - if you could email it to me that would be great thanks

Mo I think Fridge might object to being called old and simple :lol:



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Not entirely OT as it is in the 90, I have just bought a CD receiver <SNIP>

Ta :)

I realise you have some responses already but just sticking my twopenneth for Windows Media player. Don't normally stick up for MS products but this and MS movie maker are probaly two of the best free programs around.

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