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R380 Oil Seal Collar

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just about to start changing some seals on a replacement R380 gearbox before fitting and have a question about the collar.

When pressing it back on to the shaft how for down should it go? I’ve read that it should be pressed far enough so that the groove is level with the gearbox casting but looking at the box it’s no where near that far down currently.

Any advice?

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I have just used a multi-tool with a carbide blade to cut a wedge off the collar. Best to use a metal ring to protect the seal housing. Once the wedge is cut I used a wedged punch to break the wedge away from the rest of the collar leaving a nice fine crack along the collar. With the clamping tension released, it came off very easily with a screwdriver. Lots of cleaning now as there are metal filings everywhere. 


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I just dug up some photos from my R380 build many years ago. IT would seem the collar is seated pretty much down to the rear bearing. Having the centre of groove flush with case makes sense as the LT230 seal is flush like the R380 seal. 


Bearing puller only just fitted between the rear bearing and collar, and thats a knife edge on the puller.



Witness marks shows the collar must have been down hard or very close to the rear bearing.



Looking at the rear of case and how the seal sits, suggests to me centre grove of collar would be flush with case




Here is the mating input seal on the LT230


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