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Barn Find TD5 wont crank

Mean Green

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Situation is - 2000 TD5 ES - Genuine 20,000 miles (20,007 to be exact). Obviously has not done much in its lifetime, mostly due to ill health of the previous owner. Last MOT was 2019 (20,005 miles!). 

It was apparently started every few weeks up until about a year or so ago but nothing since then, but battery had been regularly hooked up to a charger.

When the battery was connected, interior lights etc came on and ignition barrel led illuminated. At 1st position, dash lit up as expected - glow plug light and all usual warning lights etc fuel pump could be heard. Turn to start position, as soon as it was turned it gave a 'click' and everything went out. (single click, similar to a fuse blowing, rather than a starter click when trying to turn). Disconnect and re-connect battery, same happens. 

I assumed the battery was breaking down under load and bought a new battery - same thing happens. 

Could it be immobiliser? or something else obvious. 

It has been about 15 years since I last had a TD5, and I am more used to the simplicity of a TDi - none of this electronic witchcraft! :) 

Any suggestions greatly received, I need to get it shifted ASAP, and the position of it if not straightforward for a recovery truck to get in.

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Doh!!! Time to admit stupidity!!

Turns out TD5's are a bit sensitive to things like battery clamps that are not tight!! I am too used to my tdi which only needs the clamps to be touching the terminals to start. Tightened up the battery clamps and away she went!

Happy days!! :) 

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