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Glow Plug Relay Question

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In December i helped a friend with installing a glow plug relay setup into his Defender which was converted to a 200TDI in Holland about 10 years ago. When the motor conversion was done, they simply had the glow plugs wired through the ignition when in the on position. So fast forward to today we wired it like a 300tdi as that is where all the parts came from and I'm most familiar with. The setup works fine with the new glow plugs.

The question that I have for anyone who may know, as I can't answer the question and honestly don't think it's anything to worry about, but Per has been checking the power usage when he turns the keys and wondered why and if it affects anything that the glow plug relay is still activated for approx 10 sec after the engine is started. The Defender starts better with the glow plug relay setup and is properly wired according to the so many diagrams here and on the interweb but Per is questioning why there is still power at the relay for a few sec's after startup?

Like I said I can't answer the question but on the other hand I don't see it as any problem, is there anyone that could expand on this question or provide confirmation that it's nothing to over think or worry about?

Thanks in advance,


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1 hour ago, Retroanaconda said:

They stay live for a short period after startup to help with combustion in the cold cylinders. All working as designed.

thank you!

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my 200Tdi will start down to 0°C without any glowing.

It was converted from a V8 to a 200Tdi many years ago.

I switch the glow plugs by hand, when they are needed. Especially when really cold I do as well and leave them on or switch them on, when in low revs. Makes the engine run smother an produces a better exhaust gas quality.

Modern Diesel cars even switch glow plugs on in normal running conditions in order to get better exhaus gas quality.

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